T-shirt fabric for dyeing and printing

There are various materials for T-shirt fabric. One of the most popular materials is cotton, and the second is polyester. The rest is blended fabric or modified cotton fabric. Each material has both advantages and disadvantages. That depends on your purpose and preference. The following will show you how to choose T-shirt fabric from two […]

how much do you know about textile fabrics

What’s the Raw Material of Textile Fabrics? As we all know,the material of textile fabrics is yarn. So how many types of yarn are there?Here we will talk about different types of yarn from two aspects. Content:Which Fiber does the Yarn Belong to? The material of yarn is fiber. According to different fibers,we can divide […]

power mesh fabrics

DAP (Delivered at Place) means delivery at destination. It means that after the seller has delivered the goods by means of transport to the destination designated by the buyer, the goods loaded on the means of transport (without unloading) are handed over to the buyer for disposal, that is, the delivery is completed. CIF refers […]

shapewear fabric powernet fabric

Introduction How to choose shapewear depends on how to choose shapewear fabric. Of course the brand and style. So how to choose the shapewear fabric suitable for yourself? I think we can consider two aspects when choosing the shapewear fabric. One is your body type,the other is your living environment. Choose Shapewear Fabric Suitable For […]

wingtex satin fabric

As we all know,the front of the satin fabric is very smooth and shiny. The yarn is blended with each other in the shape of a cross. There are different types of yarns to spin the satin fabric like polyester,cotton,nylon etc. The yarn is 75*100D,75*150D etc. Satin fabric is suitable for making different kinds of […]

ontents1 What is Digital Prin ting on Fabric?2 What are the Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabric?2.1 1. Fast Response2.2 2.Cost Reduction2.3 3. Good Proofing Effect and High Customer Approval Rate2.4 4. Wide Application Range3 Customer Acceptance of Digital Pr ontents1 What is Digital Printi ng on Fabric?2 What are the Advantages of Digital Printing […]