The main Types of Polyester

polyester fabric
Polyester is mainly divided into two types: polyester staple fiber and polyester filament. Here is the introduction including characteristics and applications of the two.

1.Polyester Staple Fiber

Polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by spinning polyester into a tow and cutting it. It is a short fiber of a few centimetres to ten centimetres.
Usually, we use polyester staple fiber widely in many types of fabrics. In addition to weaving pure polyester fabrics, we can also blend or interwoven it with various textile fibers. This make up for the shortcomings of pure polyester fabrics and exert good wear performance.
At present, polyester staple fiber is developing towards imitating wool, silk, linen, and deerskin. So synthetic fibers tend to be naturalized. And we can make different clothing according to the characteristics of the fabrics. For example, we often use polyester imitation linen to make T-shirts and skirts. And we use polyester imitation deerskin to make women’s clothes, high-end dresses, jackets, and suit tops.

2.Polyester Filament

polyester fabric
Polyester filament is a yarn with a length of more than one kilometre. And the filament is wound into a group. It mainly include three categories: nascent yarn, drawn yarn and textured yarn.
Since we can’t use Nascent Yarn directly, we will mainly introduce Drawn Yarn(DY) and Textured Yarn(TY) today.


First, the better one among the Drawn Yarn is Full Drawn Yarn(FDY). It is made by one-step :spinning and drawing at the same time. The quality of FDY is stable. And there are few wool and broken ends on it. Also, the dyeing uniformity is good. So FDY is an ideal yarn for high-speed weaving processing. Its products are also widely used and have a large market capacity. Currently, they are one of the main raw materials for home textiles and apparel fabrics.
Second, we mainly introduce Draw textured Yarn(DTY)and Air Textured Yarn(ATY) among the Textured Yarn(TY).


Generally, we use POY as the raw material and produce DTY by the one-step stretching and deformation method. This way make the low-stretch yarn certain elasticity. Though the hand feel is not as soft as TY, the quality is stable. Also, the strength and elongation have met the requirements of clothing production. It’s suitable for making clothing fabrics such as suits, shirts. In addition, we can use it to make bed linings such as quilts, bedspreads, mosquito nets. We can also use it to make some decorative items such as curtain cloth, sofa cloth, wall covering, car interior decoration cloth.


We use the air-jet method to intertwin the tow to form irregular twisted loops. After that, the tow has a fluffy loop-like Air Textured Yarn. ATY is generally produced with FDY as raw material. Also, some products can also be produced with POY as raw material. Then we use the finished products to produce home textile fabrics. This kind of fabric is not pilling and quick drying. It is also antibacterial.

Conclusion of Polyester Types and Applications

polyester fabric
Above all, Polyester mainly includes two categories. One is polyester staple fiber, the other is polyester filament. Polyester staple fiber Polyester can be blended with other fibers to make shirts, dresses, suits and so on. In addition, polyester filament includes nascent yarn(NY),Drawn Yarn(DY) and Textured Yarn(TY). We can use it to make quilts, curtains, suits and so on.

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