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functional fabrics of wingtex

Functional Fabric Supplier

Wingtex focus on functional fabric to bring sports comfort. Depends on advanced technology, there are various purpose for fabric application. For example, UPF50+ or tan through are two different function for swimwear. Anti-bacterial fabric for undergarments or medical supplies. Wicking fabrics for sportswear. etc. Here are some typical functions of fabric from different aspects:
  • Hygiene function (Anti-bacterial;Anti-mildew;Anti-mite;deodorant)
  • Health function (Magnetic therapy;aromatic;Negative ions; far infrared; Anti- COVID-19)
  • Comfort function (Moisture wicking; Waterproof and breathable; Coolmax; Heat-tech)
  • Protection function (Flame retardant; UV protection; Tan through; Anti-static)
  • Skin care function (Aloe Vera; Vitamins; Silk Fibroin; Collagen; Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Easy care function (Iron free and wrinkle free; easy to wash; waterproof and oil-proof; anti-fouling and anti-pilling)
  • Other Function (DTY- Draw Textured Yarn for High elasticity; Compression fabric, 3D air mesh spacer fabric )

Functional Fabric of Wingtex

Combining with ending use and customers’ need for fabric, wingtex developed more and more functional fabrics. We have series of functional fabrics. The common series are wicking fabrics(dri-fit fabrics), anti-UV fabrics, anti-bacterial fabrics, compression fabrics. These functional fabrics improve the property of original fabric and make the fabric practical.

Wingtex has been devoted to fabric innovation since 2010. In terms of fabric knitting, there are different functional yarns such as moisture wicking yarn, anti-static yarn, copper ion yarn, silver ion yarn. In terms of fabric finishing, there are different types of fabric agent to give the fabric different function. The functional fabric is to bring a better experience to end users.

Functional Fabric Series by Wicking Fabric(6+)

Wicking fabrics, is also known as dri fit fabrics. It has advantages of breathable, sweat wicking and quick drying. Wicking fabrics are common for making activewear, yoga wear, underwear and jerseys.

100% Polyester Bird Eye Mesh

100% polyester bird eye mesh fabric is the most common fabric for jerseys. The fabric is lightweight and quick drying. The dense birdeye mesh give a quality of wicking. This also makes the fabric comfortable and skincare.

Polyester Lycra Quick Dry Fabric

We did a test of this fabric and found it fast absorbing and quick drying. So this fabric can drive sweat away and keep comfort. With upgraded brushing finishing for fabric, the fabric is pilling resistant. So it’s long-lasting and washes well.

Nylon Lycra Tricot Mesh Fabric

Thanks to the delicate mesh, the sweat has no chance to stay on the fabric. The soft mesh fabric enables our skin dry and cool feeling. It’s a durable mesh with good resilient and bursting strength. It’s a good material for sports T-shirt and shorts.

Nylon Spandex Dri Fit Fabric

Although the fabric is 220-230gsm which is heavyweight, it’s still good at sweat wicking. Because nylon is a hygroscopic fiber. And the fabric is buttery soft because of the silicone oil adding during the fabric finishing. So it’s a skin-friendly dri-fit fabric.

Free Cut Interlock Wicking Fabric

This is a nylon spandex interlock fabric with high stretch and soft hand feeling. Nylon is hydrophilic so it’s easy to pull perspiration away from the body. The fabric feels non-sticky and comfortable for underwear. And it’s free cut for seamless underwear.

Bamboo Spandex Single Jersey

Bamboo is naturally breathable and wicking. The natural fiber is eco-friendly and sustainable. Bamboo is anti-odor and anti-bacterial. It’s a friendly material for sensitive skin. Soft and cool feeling makes it a good material for underwear and T-shirts.

Functional Fabric Series by Anti-UV Fabric(6+)

Anti-UV fabric is also called sun protection fabric. Through fabric finishing process, UV resistant agent give quality of anti-ultraviolet function. The fabric with anti-UV finishing agent is non-toxic and odorless, which is skin-friendly and harmless to human body. Anti-UV fabric is common to make sunproof jackets and arm sleeves. Others like sun protective cover ups,gloves, shirt etc. Also, some of the swimwear fabrics are UV resistant.

Sun Protection Cool-feeling Fabric

Sun protection fabric keep you from sunburn. You can use it for sunproof jackets and hoodies. With professional test reports from third party, the fabric proved to be UPF50+. It can resist most of the radiation and protect you from sun exposure. The fabric is also cool feeling. With 85% nylon, it feels smooth and ultra-cool, which is a good choice for cool arm sleeves.

UV Protection Fabric UPF50+ Fabric

This is a kind of swimwear fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection. UV resistant swimwear fabric will give users a tan line effect. It means the skin covered with swimsuit are absolutely different from that expose in the sun. So the tan line is formed. Many consumers require UV protection fabric to reach tan line effect. And this fabric is also our hot selling fabric. Over 20 solid colors are available. Gradient color is ready-to-ship or available to custom.

UV Protective Fabric Printing Fabric

For more abundant elements, you can choose printing fabrics for UV protection swimwear. With different patterns printing, the fabric become vivider and more lively. The patterns include leopard spot, polka dot, zebra etc. You can customize patterns too. Different styles are available. For example, flower print and folk-custom are very popular.

Crinkle Seersucker Fabric with UPF50+

It’s a kind of crinkle swimwear fabric. The sun protection level is UPF50+. It can keep you away from most UV. With 92% polyester and 8% spandex, the fabric is stretchy and resilient. And the textured swimwear fabric is 500gsm which is thick and UV resistant. Also, the crinkle fabric is breathable and wicking. Therefore, this seersucker fabric is good for making textured swimsuit and bikini. It’s 15+ colors available for ready to ship.

UPF50+ Textured Ribbed Swimwear Fabric

For swimwear, the ribbed fabric has advantages of anti-UV and anti-chlorine. The rib knit fabric is very supple and elastic, good for close-fitting wear. Nylon is a hydrophilic fiber. With 75% nylon, the fabric is moisture wicking and quick dry. The rest 25% spandex give quality of high elongation and recovery. So it’s a multi-functional fabric. Also a beautiful fabric for elegant swimsuit.

4 Way Stretch Tricot Fabric UV resistant

Through finishing, the fabric looks a little brighter than before. UV agent make it sun-resistant. Besides red, there are many available colors such as white, gray etc. The fabric feels smooth and silky. Also, it’s waterproof and quick drying. Of course, the tricot fabric is 4 way stretch and recovery. It’s not easy to deform or shrink. It’s abrasion resistant.

Types Functional Fabric by Compression Fabric(6+)

Compression fabrics are often nylon spandex blended. They are common to use for athletes or patients who need muscle recovery. Compression fabric is always tight knit and stretchy. It gives you pressure when moving and protects you from muscle injury. The fabric is flexible for different activities. The compression level depends on the usage. To provide both comfort and support, it will be tighter knitting horizontally and looser knitting vertically. So these fabrics can be durable and comfortable at the same time. The common application of compression fabric are like sportswear, shapewear, yoga wear and leggings.

50 Nylon 50 Spandex Compression Fabric

The high percentage of spandex gives it high stretch and modulus. So it can reach high shaping level. Also, it’s thick and durable. The compression fabric is suitable for making body shaper and bodysuit. And for maternity clothes, the fabric also provide wide support.

310gsm Semi Dull Compression Fabric

Heavy weight gives more abrasion resistance of the fabric. And more tight-knitting for long-lasting use. Semi-dull fabric gives the shapewear possibility to wear inside without see through. And the thick fabric is still moisture wicking and keep dry feeling. It’s breathable and non-sticky. Also good for making winter leggings. It’s stretchable and tight-knitting too.

140gsm Tight-knit Compression Mesh Fabric

For bra and panties, this mesh fabric is a good choice. With 27% spandex, the fabric is more stretchable and compressive. So it’s also called power mesh. Due to high compression, the power mesh fabric can reach good shaping effect. Also, the compression mesh is able to make summer leggings for its good breathability. The mesh fabric is tight knitting and long-lasting.

64 Nylon 36 Spandex Free Cut Compression Fabric

The free cut fabric is soft and durable for maternity underwear and compression panty. Also it is excellent to make seamless underwear for leggings(no embarassing line). And this matte fabric is well hidden. With 64 microfiber nylon, the fabric feels supersoft and ultra-smooth. With 36 spandex, it is super elastic with good recovery. Also free cut with no curling, high bursting strength.

Nylon Spandex Leggings Fabric with High Compression

To make leggings, cycling shorts, sports bra, this fabric will be an excellent option. 29% spandex give the fabric good elasticity and recovery. While 71% nylon give it strength and versatility. Besides high compression, the fabric also has other property like good perspiration resistance, pilling resistance and abrasion resistance. Meanwhile, the nylon spandex fabric is buttery soft.

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Fajas (Tricot Compression Fabric)

The fabric is 74% nylon and 26% spandex blended. With tricot knitting, the fabric is soft and sturdy, not easy to snag. It provides support and comfort for fajas. Also the tricot compression fabric has good wrinkle resistance and fabric drape. It will keep shape even using for a long time. The fabric is breathable and stretchable for daily wear. Suitable for different types of shapewear.

Types Functional Fabric by Antibacterial Fabric(3+)

During fabric finishing, we will give fabric special property with chemical methods. It’s common to use agents to realize different functions. The antibacterial fabric is one of the products by chemical finishing, which is usually called antimicrobial fabric. The antibacterial finishing can not only realize the function but also improve the durability. It can prevent the fabric from microbe and fungus. There will be no stain caused by mildew. Also it’s considerate for sensitive skin. Generally, antibacterial fabric is ideal for underwear especially panties and briefs. Since it’s skin protective, it’s also used for kid’s wear. Certainly, it’s also for medical use.

Antibacterial Fabric for Underwear

This antibacterial fabric is bamboo spandex blended. With soft and smooth natural hand feeling, the bamboo fabric is skin-friendly and no allergic irritation to skin. Bamboo fiber proved to be antibacterial and anti-pest. So it can be easy to take care of. And it’s an ideal fabric for baby wear. Besides, bamboo fabric is always water absorbed and breathable. So it can keep you comfortable. Also, it drapes well and stretchy, not only for underwear, but also for pajamas, T-shirts.

Antibacterial Fabric Cotton Elastane Fabric

As a natural fiber, cotton is odorless and moisture absorbent. And we treat cotton fabric with chemical finishing process so that it can be anti-mildew. Also, cotton fabric is naturally skincare and comfortable which can protect you from itch. And it a durable fabric with no pilling and no static. For daily wear, cotton fabric is breathable and keeps you cool. And 7% elastane gives quality of elasticity. For environment, it’s definitely sustainable and biodegradable. Besides loungewear, this cotton spandex interlock fabric is also good for sewing yoga wear and sportswear.

Antibacterial Fabric Cotton Jersey fabric

Cotton jersey tends to be stretchy and cozy. For baby wear, it’s air permeable and absorbent, non-smell and anti-bacterial. We take antibacterial treatment to avoid breeding bacterial. You will not feel sticky when sweat a lot. Also, the premium cotton jersey is easy to care. It’s machine washable and winkle resistant without ironing. And premium cotton is stretchy while 5% lycra give the fabric more elasticity. Meanwhile, the fabric keep shape very well for long service.

Functional Fabric Advantages

moisture wicking

Mositure Wicking

For most consumers of apparel, comfort is an important factor. From home to outdoor activities, how to keep comfortable is what people pursue continuously. Like dry-fit fabrics, it’s specially designed for athletes. Let every moment of sports be enjoyable. To explore what makes people better wearable is one of the key points for fabric innovation. Better wearing, better behaving.


When it comes to sensitive skin, people will think of allergic irritation. Some fabric without treatment will cause itching. To avoid this, fabrics are treated with anti-microbial finishing. And the chemicals proved to be secure and non-toxic. For some special usage like sun protection, functional fabrics also plays an important role. Keep your skin from sun burning. That is it!
support body

Body Support

During sports activities, it seems to pull muscle without exercising for a long time. To solve this problem, compression fabrics come out. It provides support for body and avoids muscle injury. That’s perfect for fitness beginners who haven’t exercise for a long time. Also ideal for fitness lovers and professional athletes to protect muscle. And preferred for body shaping.

Stain Free

Sometimes you will find obvious stain on the clothes especially white tees. Usually, that comes from mildew or perspiration. While functional fabrics can make a difference. With antimicrobial fabric or wicking fabric, the T-shirt will be stain free. And these fabrics will keep clothes long-lasting and easy-to-care. How to improve durability of clothes, functional fabrics make it!

Material and Finishing of Functional Fabric

moisture wicking fabric To realize the wicking function, wingtex use wicking yarn for knitting and add chemial finish agent during pre-set. Wicking yarn is cross shaped which differ from regular yarn. It gives sweat more space to move. Through knitting, moisture will get away from the skin and quickly dry. To strengthen the wicking effect, chemical finishing is a common method. With time going, the chemical agent will be washed away while the wicking yarn still works. antibacterial fabric For another function antimicrobial, there are three methods. First is to use natural fiber like bamboo, hemp, which is naturally antibacterial. One of the most common methods is to use antimicrobial silver yarn or copper yarn, which can effectively control bacteria growth. The other is to add antimicrobial agents such as Nanosilver, Triclosan, which is non-toxic and non-irritating. Each way has the effect of inhibiting bacteria and odor. This depends on the skin and usage. If sensitive skin, natural one is the best. For mask and other medical consumables, silver yarn or agent is better. UV resistant fabric with UPF50+ And how to achieve UV protection? Wingtex make it by different ways. Based on using polyester or nylon as raw material. The first way is, give the fabric tight knitting so as to avoid UV rays pass through. So you will not see holes among yarns. While the second way is, adding UV absorbing chemicals during fabric treatment to give the skin a layer of protection. The chemicals can effectively protect you from UVA or UVB. And the last way is, dyeing fabric in dark color to absorb sun rays naturally. In other words, black T-shirt is more heat absorbent than white one. So does absorbing the UV. Above all, wingtex sun protection fabrics are UPF50+ certificated. It’s available to offer you UPF50+ certificate from authority institute. compression fabric Compression fabric is differ from the above, the material(yarn) is more important than fabric finishing. Nylon and spandex are common to use for compression fabric. And the yarns are thicker than normal. To reach high compression and durability, the material is often strong and abrasive. Nylon gives high strength while spandex gives flexibility. Even high compression level fabric can coexist with certain comfort. Besides, nylon is smooth and soft, available to achieve nude feeling. Also it’s a hydrophilic fiber, give the fabric more ability to absorb sweat and dry quickly. So most leggings fabrics are compression fabric, so do shapewear fabrics.

Why Choose Wingtex for Functional Fabric?

test reports of UPF50+
Our R & D team target on comfortable functional fabrics since ten years ago. So far, wingtex functional fabrics has certified by a number of authorities like SGS,BUA. To meet different standards, wingtex test fabrics by different ways. With professional test reports according to different standards(ISO/AATCC/JIS), wingtex has become a reliable supplier for customers from different countries. Based on OEKO-TEX certificate, wingtex achieve fabric functions by considering application and security. Not only to improve the performance and durability of fabric, but also to enhance comfort level of human body.
No matter when and where you find wingtex, we will always be there. Ready to know what you really need. To make the chance meeting with you, wingtex put much effort into your preference. Product is the bridge that connect you and we. We think human is the first, we desire to talk with you and get to know you as possible as we can. Think what customers think, do what customers need. That’s what wingtex always focus on.

How do Functional Fabric Work for?

With human’s pursue of healthy life, comfortable outfits has been important during daily life. Non-sticky during exercise, odorless for wearing, skin care, long-lasting use… Ordinary fabrics may not have all properties. So it’s essential to do additional treatment. In order to meet various applications, many fabrics are multi-functional. For example, UV protection and wicking fabrics are not only for sunproof series but also for swimwear material. And some compression wicking fabrics are both for leggings and shapewear. So one fabric can be multi-purpose. That’s fantastic!
compression fabric for shapewear and leggings
Versatile fabrics give more space to apparel innovation especially activewear. For example, Dri-Fit clothing is one of the end products of wicking fabrics. It is widely used for sports T-shirts, hoodies, track pants, jerseys… Very popular among consumers. Also there are many well-known brand using functional fabrics like Lululemon*, Spanx* etc. Enable your ideas into reality, get the fashion and function combined. That’s what wingtex can do for you!


For compression fabric (Nylon 75% Spandex 25% Power Mesh Fabric)

I love this powernet. super supportive yet soft to touch. perfect for supportive bra or shapewear.

For antibacterial fabric (Nylon 70% Spandex 30% Tricot Lingerie Fabric)

I am very happy with my purchase. It arrived in less than a week. The material is very good.  Great elasticity, very soft, very light, very comfortable. I will definitely be placing another order soon. Thank you very much for the service, Daisy is very friendly.

For wicking fabric (100% Polyester Dri Fit Bird Eye Mesh Fabric)

Great quality product, exactly what I wanted. Also, thanks for the Great service of Alice definitely making a bigger order soon.

For UV protection fabric (4 Way Stretch Nylon Spandex Fabric for Swimwear)

great quality fabric GREAT for swim suit making. very stretchy!

Dri FIT is named by Nike*. It means the fabric is moisture wicking and quick dry, which can keep you comfort. So the main purpose of Dri Fit fabric is to drive sweat away and keep your body cool. The raw material is microfiber polyester which brings the fabric superfine and super soft hand feeling. These fabrics are often lightweight and breathable. Also through antibacterial and UV protection treatment. Dri Fit fabric present as knitted mesh or interlock.

The two are absolutely different concepts. Tan through is to get tanned skin while tan line is to remain fair. Obviously, tan through fabric allows the tanning rays to pass through and let your skin absorb it. While tan line is an obvious line to distinguish tanned skin and fair skin. Tanned skin is exposure in the sun while fair skin is covered with sunproof clothing. For example, bikini tan is one of the most common tan lines. Choose tan-line or tan-through? It depends.

Generally, face mask need to be breathable and antimicrobial. To resist COVID 19 efficiently, 3D spacer fabric will be a good choice. Both layers are tightly knitted fabric, effectively filter virus. The air mesh between the two layers plays a role of air permeability. You will not feel stuffy after wearing for a long time. Also, the two layers can transfer heat and moisture freely to keep dry and cool. These will be well experienced to users.

There are two forms of compression fabric. One is compression tricot fabric, fabric, the other is compression mesh fabric. Compression tricot fabric are basically for shapewear shorts or full bodysuit. Compression mesh, also called power mesh, are common for waist trainer. For different usage, you can choose the suitable one. Or you can combine the two with each other to reach multi-purpose. That may be a better option for you, I think. Nevertheless, everything depends on your need.

Notice:*represent brand name. No offense.