Jersey fabric is a very common fabric type. It can be said to be everywhere on the market ~ it is commonly used to make T-shirts, sportswear, casual wear, and other clothing. But! You know what? Jersey fabric is also one of the most commonly used fabrics in underwear. What are the features and advantages of jersey fabric for underwear? If you happen to have an underwear business! Then you must keep reading! Want to know the details? Let me answer them for you!nylon spandex matte jersey fabric

Characteristics of Jersey Fabric for Underwear

First of all, Jersey fabric is a knitted fabric. It’s soft and elastic. In addition, it has good air permeability and high comfort. These characteristics make Jersey fabric widely used in underwear. It must be soft, comfortable, and breathable as underwear fabric. Jersey fabric for underwear meets those requirements.single jersey fabric

Secondly, Jersey fabric has good elasticity. Such underwear will fit the body better. Provides better support and shape. If you think about it! A 100% cotton fabric will hang loose on your skin. So this unelastic underwear is even less supportive. If the customer chooses an inaccurate size. The customer will need to return the product. The cost of going back and forth has also increased. I think for businesses. It is also important to provide customers with products that suit them precisely.

So underwear fabric needs to have some support. The elasticity of jersey fabric for underwear can meet this requirement. In addition, Jersey fabric also has good resilience. So it doesn’t deform easily.soft white stripped bamboo jersey fabric

In addition, Jersey fabric has good wear and wash resistance. Because underwear needs to be washed frequently. So it needs to be clean and tidy. Washing the fabric over and over again will somewhat damage the fabric structure. Therefore, jersey fabric for underwear can only minimize the damage caused by each cleaning. So these characteristics of jersey fabric for underwear can ensure its service life and quality.cotton spandex jersey fabric for women underwear
Finally, Jersey fabric also has good color retention. It can keep the color of underwear not fading. Even the wears you wear underneath. Its color and appearance are also important. This feature of jersey fabric can ensure that the underwear will remain beautiful after a long time of use.main pic spandex fabrics

Sum up

In short, jersey fabric for underwear is very widely used. Its versatility makes it one of the top choices for underwear fabrics. Suppose you are looking for a quality underwear fabric! Choosing jersey underwear fabric will not disappoint you!

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