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88 Polyester 12 Spandex Single Jersey Knit Fabric with Cotton Feeling

Item Nr: PS620
Composition: Polyester 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 300g/m2
Width: 61/62"
1. cotton feeling polyester fabric
2. good stretch and recovery
3. thick and durable single jersey knit fabric no see-through
4. fast moisture absorption
5. No fading; no pilling

Does Polyester Jersey Knit Fabric Feel Like Cotton?

stretch fabric not see through
Yes! We use imitation cotton polyester yarn, making the jersey knit fabric soft and hard-working. So it’s skin-friendly for allergic skin and tough for long-lasting use. In terms of properties, cotton is absorbent and breathable, while polyester is hydrophobic. So the cotton feels polyester fabric can be moisture wicking, which is best for sweat. With the performance, the jersey knit fabric is perfect for intimate activewear such as sports bras, crop tops, jackets, and leggings.

Jersey Knit Fabric Features

Stretch well and keep the fabric shape

stretch jersey knit fabric
When we stretch both sides of the fabric, the length can be twice the original. And it will keep shape after stretching. It depends on 12% elastane. So the stretch jersey knit fabric also has a good recovery. To make leggings, it’s essential.

Thick Jersey Knit Fabric No See-through

pilling resistant fabric
For leggings, it’s common to get embarrassing lines, especially in bright colors. So how to avoid that? Our jerey knit fabric brings the solution! As we said before, the fabric is 300 gsm which is thicker than common legging fabrics. You know most of the single jersey fabric are below 300gsm, even some interlock fabric. Sewing with this heavy-weight fabric, you don’t need to worry about the see-through issues.

Good water absorption and Dry Fast

moisture absorbing fabric
Generally, most of the jersey knit fabric is wicking and quick drying. Because they are commonly used for close-fitting wear. In addition, there’s a little groove between each yarn. Making the water(sweat) flow away. And let the fabric dry quickly. Ideal for fitness and yoga wear.

Pilling-resistant and Abrasion-resistant

anti-pilling polyester spandex jersey knit fabric
Durable yarn makes durable fabric. With the tight knitting process, the jersey knit fabric is tough to sew leggings, and sports bra. It improves the durability of garments. Also, make sports activities free and comfy. For example, to make cycling jerseys, the fabric is a good alternative.

High wash resistance and Do not fade

fabric dyeing and setting
Fabric color’s fastness depends on the dyestuff, water, and dyeing process. We have experienced workers on duty. Our dyeing factory has a strict operation standard. Before rolling the fabric, our worker must cut 3 pieces for testing. Also, we have professional inspectors on duty. To test the color fastness, soaping fastness, weight, and DE value. With a series of processes, we control the fabric quality and supply the international-standard fabric.
fabric rolling

Certifications of Wingtex Fabrics

Every year, we send our fabric samples to test institutes like Interteck, and SGS. We obtained the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate, which proves no harmful substances. When we made recycled fabric years ago, we passed the GRS certification. To prove our recycled fabrics have at least 20% recycled composition (like rpet and recycled nylon). Meanwhile, our factory has passed SGS certification to prove our capacity and inspection. So we are confident in ourselves. We hope to build trust with our customers.
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