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90 Polyester 10 Spandex Lycra Fabric for Sublimation

Item Nr: PS455
Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10%
Weight: 170g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. sweat wicking and breathable
2. soft and elastic
3. durable and shape retention
4. bring comfort and freedom
5. versatile and multi-purpose

Why polyester works best for sublimation printing?

90 polyester 10 spandex fabric
polyester spandex fabric sublimation

Polyester is a hydrophilic fiber that is easy to dye and print. It can completely absorb dyestuff and ink absorption at high temperature. Bring the fabric high color fastness and wash resistance. Meanwhile, sublimation print polyester fabric is brighter and more colorful. So many customers prefer to use polyester grey fabrics as sublimation background. The following pictures show how polyester fabric works for sublimation printing. And we use 90 polyester 10 spandex bleached white fabric as ground.

90 polyester 10 spandex sublimation print
animal print polyester spandex fabric

What’s the property of 90 polyester 10 spandex?

90 polyester 10 spandex fabric for sublimation
polyester lycra spandex fabric printed

Although polyester fabric itself is not stretchy, it becomes elastic when blended with 10% spandex. Moreover, it can still maintain its shape after long-lasting use due to the good durability of polyester. In addition, this 90 polyester 10 spandex fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking for intimate clothing and activewear. To be honest, polyester fabric is stain resistant but not oil resistant. Therefore, it’s not suitable for making homewear.

What’s the purpose of 90 polyester 10 spandex?

90 polyester 10 spandex fabric purpose

Due to its good breathability and wicking properties, this fabric is a good alternative to make underwear, such as tank tops and camisoles. Moreover, it’s ideal for making T-shirts because of the excellent sublimation work. Whether for casual T-shirts or sports T-shirts, this fabric is a great choice. Therefore, this 90% polyester and 10% spandex fabric is versatile for more possibilities.

fabric for sublimation print
designer fabric

Regarding this fabric, we have available PFP(Prepare for Printing) fabric for quick proofing and customization. If you need custom printing, you can send us your work for reference. And our designers will provide you with one-stop service. In addition, we have other kind of 90 polyester 10 spandex fabric for making underwear. Kindly tell us your requirements and we will match multiple samples for you.

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