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Boardshort Fabric Sublimation Printed Stretch Woven Polyester Microfiber Fabric

Item Nr: YFY008/YFY009/YFY010
Composition: Recycled Polyester 90% Spandex 10% / Polyester 88% Spandex 12% / 100% Polyester
Weight: 160gsm/170gsm/118gsm
Width: 57-59INCH
1. waterproof fabric
2. strong sublimation print
3. firm and durable
4. quick drying
5. tightly-woven
6. various yarns and pop print

What is Stretch Woven Boardshort Fabric?

pop print boardshort fabric
As the name suggests, the boardshort fabric is a kind of woven fabric with a little elasticity. The most remarkable features are wearable, washable, and quick-dry. It is usually lightweight, strong, and stiff. So the boardshort fabric is easy to wash and non-wrinkling. The main material of boardshort fabric is polyester or polyester blended. And it is often sublimation printing fabric. This makes the fabric colorful and stylish. Therefore, we can say boardshort fabric combines practical and aesthetic, also durable and comfortable.

What is Wingtex Microfiber Boardshort Fabric?

100% polyester boardshort fabric

polyester spandex boardshort fabric

recycled polyester spandex boardshort fabric

Our boardshort fabric is a polyester microfiber fabric. Here are three types of this kind of fabric:100% polyester, polyester spandex, and recycled polyester spandex. They were printed with different patterns. All of them were through the sublimation printing process to finish. So they have a high level of light fastness and color fastness. Also, with good water resistance, the fabrics are not easy to fade or wrinkle. They can keep their shape and stay colorful. The weight them is below 180gsm. You can make long-lasting and light boardshorts.

What’s the Performance of Wingtex Boardshort Fabric?

Woven Fabric with Easy Tailoring

boardshort fabric based on polyester spandex fabric
To 100 polyester woven fabric, it is non-stretchy. To 10-12% spandex blend, it’s a little 4-way stretch. Although the woven fabric is not so elastic as knitted fabric, it still has good stability and a flat surface. Therefore, it’s anti-sag when draping, and suitable for different tailoring.

Durable Fabric with Long-lasting Printing

boardshort fabric with accurate print
We use solid polyester basic fabric to proceed with sublimation printing. Thus to make sure the patterns can firmly transfer to the fabric. Besides, we control the heat and pressure to achieve an accurate image reproduction. Even complex patterns can be lively on the fabric.

Quality Fabric with Wear Resistance

boardshort fabric front and back
As talking above, the boardshort fabric is strong printing. And the basic fabric is tightly-woven polyester fabric. So the fabric has good abrasive resistance. No matter whether you are surfing or swimming, the fabric can keep shape without breaking. That’s practical.

Waterproof Fabric with Quick Drying

waterproof boardshort fabric with sublimation printing
After doing water sports, you will feel uncomfortable if your clothes are always wet. While high-quality board shorts do not have this problem. Because the boardshort fabric is waterproof. It can keep your shorts away from water. Even if you carry on aquatic sports for a long time, you will feel cool and dry when back ashore.

What Other Information of Boardshort Fabric?

boardshort fabric with pop print
Besides polyester, polyester spandex, and recycled polyester spandex, you can also choose polyester cotton, and polyester cotton spandex. Even polyester *coconut carbon polyester spandex. Nowadays, sustainable fabric has become popular and popular, and more and more people prefer to choose recycled fabric and eco-friendly fabric. Not only to protect the environment but also to protect human beings. To take action on this, you can choose recycled polyester and coconut carbon polyester as your board shorts material. You can customize pop prints like the coconut tree, floral, stripe, etc. Come and go for your project! Wingtex boardshort fabric is waiting for you!

Note:*Coconut carbon polyester is an eco-friendly fiber with coconut granule. It has the function of anti-odor, increasing blood circulation, anti-moisture, and UV protection.
Recycled polyester feels more rough than polyester, it doesn’t matter to the board shorts. if you mind this, just choose for yourself without considering too much!