• cationic polyester elastane for T-shirts
  • heather gray cationic polyester
  • front and back
  • soft and durable fabric
  • for face mask
  • for sports cap
  • for underwear

Cationic Polyester Elastane Single Jersey Fabric for Sportswear and Underwear

Item Nr: KF1213
Composition: 45% Cationic Polyester 45% Polyester 10% Spandex
Weight: 220g/m2
Usable Width: 160cm/63in
1. heather color effect
2. sweat wicking and odorless
3. anti-static and no fuzzing
4. high color fastness
5. high moisture absorption
6. tight-knitting and durable

The following is the cationic polyester fabric information…

Product Description

Cationic Polyester Elastane Single Jersey Fabric

Color heather color What is Cationic Polyester? Cationic DTY and Polyester DTY Blended, achieve heather color
Function Dry Fit Dyed with Disperse Dyes and Cationic Dyes
Application T-shirts; Sports suit; Yoga suit; etc. Two-color effect; Cost effective
Knitting Type Circular Knitting Abrasion resistant; Bleach resistant
Sort of Single Jersey; T-shirts Fabric… Good water absorption; less dyeing tank difference
Advantages Popular color; Wicking; Strong color fastness; Slimmer effect; High strength; Pilling resistant
Specs 150/144(105)+40D Cationic Dyed Polyester(CDP) and Spandex Single Jersey
Cationic Polyester VS Polyester CDP: better to absorb moisture; Polyester: hydrophobic; feel stuffy when wearing
Cationic polyester has better dyeing property than polyester and only need to room temperature dyeing
The modified is less static than the normal
Polyester is easy to pilling while cationic polyester solve the problem
CDP:higher fastness of color, sunlight. Better chemical and physical properties

cationic polyester heather color for Tees
front and back

Heather color is popular in fashion. It gives a multi-color effect and looks special. The heather gray is the most common one and never out of fashion! You can print any patterns you like because heather gray fits all and doesn’t appear obtrusive. It’s perfect for sublimation printing Tees, T-shirts dress, hoodies, and decorations. It’s also common to see among the men’s briefs.

Cationic Polyester Fabric Usage

For this fabric weight of 220gsm, it’s perfect for Tees, shirts, sports suits, and hoodies. For lighter weight below 200gsm, it can be a suitable material for underwear, face masks, and decorations of sports caps. The DRY-FIT cationic polyester helps achieve more comfortable movement. For sweating sports like basketball, baseball, and fitness exercise, cationic polyester is a perfect material to drive sweat out and dry your skin. And the fabric won’t stick to your skin and dry quickly. It also makes your skin breathable and never feel stuffy.
cationic polyester fabric for sportswear
cationic polyester fabric for face mask

Note: Besides heather gray, you can also customize other heather colors like heather blue, heather green, heather pink, heather purple, etc.
cationic polyester heather colors

Certificate of OEKO-TEX and GRS

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate of wingtex 2022-2023
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is one of the most common textile labels. It means no harmful substance from the yarn to the fabric. Each processing step meets the standard 100. It’s safe for skin contact including sensitive parts. There is no doubt that OEKO-TEX certification builds the trust between manufacturer and customer. It’s responsible for us to ensure human safety and health. By the way, Wingtex Textile updates the certificate every year. We keep doing confident fabrics for people.
GRS certification
GRS requires all the supply chains to meet the Global Recycled Standard. Our recycled fabrics are including recycled polyester and recycled nylon. No matter our supplier of recycled yarn, or factory of knitting, dyeing, or printing, all are responsible for the GRS certificate. Besides, we factory has configured sewage treatment equipment, air control equipment, exhaust hood, and detox system. This set of environmental management systems can effectively reduce industrial wastewater discharge and protect the environment.

Wingtex-Your Reliable Fabric Supplier

With 20+ years experience, you can believe Wingtex will be your best supplier, if you choose us, you will get:

  • Internation 4 Point Inspection qualified fabrics
  • Versatile fabrics like anti-UV, anti-microbial, DRT-FIT, waterproof (provide related test reports)
  • Customize different types of printing: sublimation printing, digital printing, overprint, discharge print, screen printing, mucilage printing, foil print, etc.
  • Customize Pantone color and color fastness test reports
  • Customer sample analysis and proofing confirmation
  • Custom color, printing within 1 yard
  • Free A4 Size Sample with OPP package
  • Professional fabric recommendation
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