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Embossed Fabric 78% Nylon 22% Elastane for Leggings

Item Nr: NS110
Composition: Nylon 78% Spandex 22%
Weight: 200/220g/m2
Width: 148cm/58inch
1. high-quality embossing process
2. provide supprot for leggings
3. no defroming and wrinkling
4. buttery soft and skincare
5. elastic for body-fitting
6. ready-to-ship colors and embossing styles

What is Embossed Fabric meaning?

different styles of embossing fabric
Embossed fabric is born by embossing machines and embossing molds. During operation, we screen print a layer of silicone, then we use the mold to hold the fabric in place, and finally press it with an embossing machine. The uneven texture on the surface gives the quality stereoscopic. High-quality embossed fabric is still solid and durable even washing under high temperatures. Also, it keeps shape for a long time and always has a certain 3D visual effect. The embossing process is easy to do yourself.

What is Wingtex Embossed Fabric?

high-quality embossing process
This is an embossed nylon fabric with high stretch and modulus. We use a high-tech embossing process to enable a beautiful fabric surface. The raised lines give the fabric a 3D feeling and fashionable meaning. The process is exquisite so the embossing print is strong and long-lasting. Also, I have to say the embossed fabric is both beautiful and functional. It’s a wicking fabric with good water absorbance and fast evaporation. So the fabric is quite fit for activewear and yoga wear. It keeps you cozy any time when doing activities.

What are the Main Features of Embossed Fabric?

High Compression

embossing fabric for sportswear
Both ways of the fabric have excellent stretch and recovery. You need certain strength to stretch it which means the fabric has a high modulus. As a result, the embossed fabric with 22% elastane can provide a high compression level for your leggings. Thus control your body very well.

Supple Handfeel

natural and beautiful embossed fabric
Although the fabric is through the embossing process, it is still soft and skin-friendly. While the side close to the skin is not embossing, really supple and buttery soft. So this fabric can take care of your skin and give you a more comfortable wearing experience.

Good Breathability

both sides of embossed fabric
The embossing surface increases the airflow. Your skin can breathe freely when wearing this embossed fabric. You will not feel sticky or sultry. Meanwhile, the sweat during exercise can rush out rapidly. Never stay too long on your skin. And it dries quickly, so you can stay cool and comfy.

High Bursting Strength

embossed fabric for activewear
Since nylon is the main material of the fabric, we can say the fabric has high strength and durability. No matter how you break it, the fabric never deforms or wrinkles, including the embossing part. So the embossed fabric is ideal for sportswear. Never worry about fatigue breakage.

How Many Kinds of Embossed Fabric can Wingtex Provide?

color swatch of peony embossed fabric
color swatch of serpentine embossed fabric
color swatch of tigher-stripe embossed fabric

Here you can see the color and style swatch. You can get available 3D embossing styles including peony, serpentine, tight-stripe, curves, etc. All the styles are available for sample and color swatch. You can get guaranteed embossing print and nylon elastane fabric. Of course, good-looking embossing fabrics are always for you. Custom embossing and the color are ok. The embossing effect will correspond to your expectation or beyond what you would like. Please believe wingtex can be as good as his word. Start your project with wingtex. Wait and see what happens…