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Jacquard Fabric Mesh for Bra and Lingerie

Item Nr: NS819
Composition: Nylon 89% Spandex 11%
Weight: 155g/m2
Width: 120cm
1. delicate jacquard
2. soft and breathable
3. tight knitting and durable
4. lightweight and stretchable
5. easy to work
6. draped well and non-wrinkling

Product Description

You can see this is rose jacquard mesh. It takes advantage of the knitting process. Let the warp threads interlace with the weft. Thus forming the delicate pattern. The jacquard fabric uses microfiber and dense threads to knit the fabric. So it’s not easy to lose shape or fade. You can use the jacquard fabric directly for bra or lingerie. Also, you can treat it as an accessory.
jacquard fabric front and back

Jacquard Fabric Details

It’s a weft knitting jacquard fabric. Both ways have a good stretch. So it can fit different sizes. And it’s white rose jacquard mesh which fits different styles for lace, collars, cuffs, and other ornaments. Also, the jacquard mesh is lightweight and breathable. It brings beauty and comfort to clothes. It feels soft and skin-friendly, looks sheer and looming, and has a good fabric drape.
durable jacquard fabric

Jacquard Fabric Application

This lightweight jacquard fabric is perfect for bras and lingerie. It can improve the aesthetic feeling and value of the apparel. The jacquard mesh is firmer than lace. So it can be long-lasting use. It’s not easy to snag which makes the application more durable. Besides bra and lingerie, our jacquard fabric mesh is ideal for the bridal veil, cover-ups, tops, and other decorative accessories.
jacquard fabric application

Jacquard Fabric Care

When you wash the jacquard fabric, you should care for the following things:

  • Soak before washing
  • Machine washing with a gentle cycle
  • No spinning, line dry
  • Iron in low heat and gentle press
  • No exposure and no tumble dry

Jacquard mesh is quickly dry. So you can also choose the hand wash without wringing it out.
quick dry jacquard fabric

Product Additional Info

The nylon-spandex jacquard mesh is supple and wrinkle resistant. It’s tight knitting, and not easy to break. The mesh is dense, better to cover the bra pads. We use nylon yarn and spandex yarn with a high yarn count to make the jacquard more lively and solid. Besides floral jacquard, the fabric can realize many jacquard patterns such as animals, plants, and different shapes.
soft and breathable jacquard fabric

Our Service

We can provide you with different styles of jacquard fabric . In terms of knitting types, this jacquard mesh is single knit jacquard. Besides, we also supply jacquard interlock, jacquard rib, RSJ jacquard, and multibar lace. In terms of the jacquard pattern, this is jacquard(big pattern). The other type is dobby(small pattern). We also supply it. For custom jacquard, MOQ is only 1 yard. For ready-to-ship, you can get a free hanger sample to check the quality. Get one yard for a try?
ready-to-ship colors