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Ombre Fabric 82 Nylon 18 Spandex Color Changing Swimwear Fabric

Item Nr: NS036-P
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 200g/m2
Width: 152cm
1. gorgeous color changing fabric
2. 4 way stretch
3. smooth and silky
4. 4 grade color fastness
5. UV resistance for sun protection
6. ready-to-ship color and customization


The ombre fabric is blue yellow gradient color. Two even colors naturally combine with each other. So the end use will be gorgeous. Color fastness of this ombre fabric proved to be 4 grade. That’s more premium than international standard. Besides this ready-to-ship color, you can customize other ombre colors like blue, rainbow, pink, purple etc.

Basic Features

4 Way Stretch

The ombre fabric is 4 way stretch tricot fabric. And nylon spandex tricot fabric is strong and durable. With good stretch and recovery, the fabric can shape body well. Nice for making ombre swimsuit, latin dress.

Silky Hand Feeling

ombre fabric
Nylon spandex fabrics are almost smoother and softer. They always have silky hand feeling and good fabric drape. That means nylon spandex fabric is skin-friendly and winkle-resistant, which is is easy to care. So does nylon spandex ombre fabric.

Water Absorbent and Quick Dry

Our ombre fabric is versatile. Thanks to hydrophilic nylon, the fabric is water absorbent and fast drying. That’s nice for activities. Also the wicking fabric leaves skin breathe freely and makes any time full of comfort during activity.

UV Resistant Sun Protection

ombre fabric for swimwear
This color changing fabric is generally designed for ombre swimsuit. So it is always treated with anti-UV finishing process(Except tan through), our ombre fabric is UPF50+ certified. This means the fabric can protect you from 98% UV radiation. To achieve tan lines, it’s an ideal fabric.

Ombre Fabric by Applications

Ombre Fabric for Ombre Swimsuit and Bikini

ombre fabric for one piece swimsuit
color changing fabric for ombre swimsuit

Ombre swimsuit looks gorgeous and stylish. That not only depends on the perfect sewing skills but also the fashion material. Ombre fabric brings swimsuit unique and charm. Blue symbolize sea while yellow symbolize beach. Ombre color makes the beachwear more meaningful. With the anti-UV fabric, swimming enthusiast will get perfect bikini tan lines.

Ombre Fabric for Dancewear

ombre fabric for ballet leotard
ombre fabric for dancewear

To reach the theatrics, ombre dress is one of the common options for dancers. Ombre color is changeable under stage lighting. That’s fantastic! With this stretch ombre fabric, you can make ballet leotard, latin dress, belly dance costume and kids dancewear. The stretch and durable fabric will be easy-fitting and long-lasting shaping.

Ombre Fabric for Dress

ombre fabric for dress
ombre fabric for dancewear

Ombre dress is popular among fashion. The gradient color is a fashion element and great complement to different kinds of dresses. It’s common to see ombre color on maxi dress, mini dress, A-line dress, slip dress, causal dress etc. Ombre fabric makes a big difference to dress design and gives designers more ideas on their works.

Your Professional Ombre Fabric Supplier

This ombre fabric for swimwear is hot selling and high praised. Many customers require to customize colors. That’s all available. You will get the color customized with minimum order 1 yard. Furthermore, you can also customize recycled fabrics with GRS certified. For this fabric, if you need to realize some functions, we provide you with the functions of moisture wicking, animicrobial and UV protection. Of course, the related test reports are available.
Get your fashion concept done with wingtex ombre fabrics now!