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Polyester Fleece Fabric Ultra Soft and Warm Durable Spandex Tracksuit Fabric

Item Nr: KF1156
Composition: Polyester 85% Spandex 15%
Weight: 320g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. super fluffy and avoid itchy
2. stretchy and resilient
3. pilling resistant and abrasion resistant
4. no curling
5. high density and tenacity yarns
6. eco-friendly dyeing
7. waterproof fabric

Have you ever prepared new collections for winter? Are you concerned about the material? Should it be cotton or polyester? brushed or fleeced? There are many issues you think about. Let me answer your questions. For the winter material, it must be super cozy and lighter when wet, strong and durable, and better with heat tech. And polyester fleece fabric achieves these.

soft fleece fabric

Polyester Fleece Fabric for Tracksuit

tracksuit fabric fleece

Many big brands such as Nike and Adidas have launched new collections for autumn and winter. And most of the materials are polyester or polyester blended. They are durable and breathable fabric for tracksuits, and easy to work with. After the fleece finish, the fabric is much softer than before. So polyester fleece fabric is popular as a winter material.

Polyester Fleece Fabric for Winter Cap

polyester fleece fabric for beanie

This super soft fleece fabric brings warmth and comfort. Meanwhile, it’s a stretchy material that fits any size. As described above, the polyester fleece fabric is non-absorbent and quick dry, ideal for winter caps. You know the material differs from the normal, not wool or woolen. It’s a plain knitted fabric,  with fleece treatment. Very stylish and versatile material for winter caps.

Stretch Fleece Fabric for Hoodies and Sweatshirts

blue spandex fleece fabric for hoodies
spandex fleece fabric usage

While most of the fabrics for hoodies are cotton or polyester cotton. The material is special with polyester spandex blended. Giving the fabric more properties. Like water resistant, stiff and strong, and very elastic. So this polyester fleece fabric with spandex is also ideal for tight-fitting sweatshirts. So I suppose that you will like this multi-purpose material.

Stretch Fleece Fabric for Winter Gloves

polyester fleee fabric for gloves

I must say it’s a very special fabric for winter essentials(hats, scarves and gloves). It can not only bring heat but also keep away from wet conditions. That’s from the fleece technique and waterproof finish of this polyester fleece fabric. That’s wonderful for snowy weather. Also, the spandex fleece fabric achieves a tighter fit property. Why not choose this multi-functional fabric for your winter items?

Fabric Details

spandex fleece fabric details
blue and red polyester fleece fabric

At first sight, you will feel how soft and warm the fabric is! So supposing it must be super cozy when contacting to the skin, even for the sensitive. Never itch skin. And the fleece layer is not easy to pill after washing. It can provide you with long-lasting warm retaining. So this polyester fleece fabric is a durable material without maintenance. That’s worry-free for end users. (Some natural fibers like wool needs to carefully washing and drying.)

Color Chart of Polyester Fleece Fabric

64 RTS colors

There are over 60 ready-to-ship colors for the fleece fabric. The most classic colors black, white, and gray are included. Also, another two common colors are beige and khaki. By the way, here also contains 2023 popular colors in the following color card: #25 #27 #32 #47. Very bright colors represent new life and energy. Hope it works for you. The following is the color chart for your reference.