nylon spandex rib knit fabric for tank top

Rib Knit Fabric Wholesale Nylon Spandex Stretch Rib Fabric

Item Nr: KF1496
Composition: Nylon 88% Spandex 12%
Weight: 350g/m2
Width: 120cm
1. wrinkle resistant
2. good elasticity
3. cool-feeling
4. high density
5. well drape
6. not see-through
7. breathable and sweat wicking

What is Rib Knit Fabric?

Rib knit fabric is a kind of weft knit fabric. Both sides are a ribbed look. Present as raised vertical lines. Textured rib knit fabric has excellent wrinkle resistance. So it’s common for some easy-to-deform parts like neckbands, cuffs, and lower hem. Also, with high stretch and density, and soft hand feeling, it’s often for outfits like tanks, camisoles, leggings, yoga wear, and casual wear. (Rib knit fabrics are usually in different types including 1*1 rib, 2*2 rib, 3*3 rib, etc. 1*1 means to draw out one stitch for every one knit. While 2*2 means to draw out two stitches every two knit.)

What is Nylon Spandex Rib Knit Fabric like?

not see-through rib fabric
It’s 2*2 rib, more textured, solid, and durable. Based on soft and stretchy rib knit fabric, nylon spandex rib gives the quality of cool feeling, no curling, no pilling, and good fabric drape. With a matte look and heavyweight, it has a slimming effect. In addition, like most rib knit fabric, our nylon spandex rib is non-wrinkle and keeps its shape. For comfort wear, we give the fabric versatility of sweat-wicking and quick drying. Make skin breathable and comfortable. Also, let me emphasize that stretch rib knit has a good sense of restraint. Provide people with better support and figure-shaping.

What can You Sew with Nylon Spandex Rib Knit Fabric?

Tank Top

nylon spandex rib knit fabric for tank top
As described above, the stretchy rib is supportive and well shaping. It can support the chest and waist very well. Besides, dense rib looks very stylish, with a delicate texture. So it’s ideal for tank top outfits. You can do the same quality as lulu with our rib knit fabric. Tight fit and thick, no need to wear a bra. You can also do a seamless tank top with this free-cut rib. There is no doubt that various styles of tank tops are available to sew with our rib knit.

Ribbed Pants

rib knit fabric for ribbed pants
Due to the natural cool feeling of the fabric, people won’t feel stuffy in summer. It drapes well and is breathable. Keep shape and comfort. The thick rib knit avoid the embarrassing line. Make people relaxed anytime anywhere. Matte gloss allows the body to look slimmer. Besides, it is said that wearing stripes can make people look thinner. Stripes create a visual illusion, and so does rib. So our rib knit fabric is perfect for sewing ribbed pants. Keep people cool and look slim in summer.

Ribbed Leggings

rib knit fabric for ribbed leggings
The stretch rib fabric has good stretch and recovery. It offers leggings with certain compression, which is good for yoga wear and gym wear. Also, another reason for leggings is sweat absorbent and fast dry. Make people feel ultra-cool and cozy. In terms of appearance, raised vertical lines to create a looming leg line, better to shape legs. Rib design makes leggings more special than ordinary ones. For streetwear, that’s a fashion element. Let people be attractive when hanging out.

Ribbed Dress

ribbed knitted fabric for ribbed dress
Stretchable, durable, and fashionable fabric, for tight, sexy, and smart dresses. Without any decoration, the rib fabric plays the important role in sewing a dress. Help tailors and designers do more efficient work. Give them an easier way to fashion. No matter maxi dress, midi dress, or mini dress, our stretch rib knit fabric has a good hip-wrap effect. Help achieve shape S figure. For rib fabric, the weft side is more stretchy than the warp. Keep waist and leg easy-fitting and not that tight.

Rib knit fabric is known for its special look. It’s both the chief and accessories for outfits. You can use it on the sleeve, collar, and hem. Or you can apply it directly on shirts, camisoles, bodysuits, pants, and dresses. In conclusion, rib knit fabric is mainly for yoga wear and casual wear. If you find a material with good elasticity and good wrinkle-resistant, rib knit will be your good choice!