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Single Jersey Fabric 92 Polyester Milk Silk 8 Elastane Spandex Fabric

Item Nr: ps434
Composition: polyester 92% elastane 8%
Weight: 140-160g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. mositure absorbent and quick dry
2. high stretch fabric
3. lightweight and no see-through
4. good strength and durability
5. breathable and wicking

What is Polyester Milk Silk Fabric?

white polyester milk silk fabric
pink fabric
soft orange fabric

When it comes to milk silk, most of you think it comes from milk. Yes it’s exactly. But if with the polyester fiber, it refers to microfiber fabric with good handfeel. While this fabric proved to be polyester milk silk fabric. To avoid misunderstanding, we explained at first. It’s made of DTY polyester with spsndex blended. And has a wide range of application: T-shirts; underwear; yoga wear and sportswear.

What’s the Property of Polyester Milk Silk Fabric

rose madder fabric
breathable polyester spandex fabric
polyester single jersey fabric

Usually, people think soft handfeel is the best feature. But as far as I’m concerned, the most deserved thing is mositure wicking. We improved the polyester to be hydrophilic, very suitable for sportswear. Also, polyester milk silk is lightweight for underwear. As the title says, it’s single jersey fabric. So it’s thin and breathable, not transparent. Also good for tank top. Another price point which is essential, no need to explain too much. It’s a stretchy material for comfort body hug.

How to Custom this Single Jersey Fabric?

heather blue and heather gray fabric
printed polyester milk silk fabric

Besides soild dyes, we also support multiple color such as heather style. Here you can see heather gray and blue. You can also call it melange fabric, very popular for T-shirts. Also, we support custom printing. You know polyester is so easy to print with an excellent fastness. The above is floral printing and leopard printing. So active and natural! With this polyester milk silk fabric, it can reach any pattern design you want!

Learn More about Polyester Milk Silk Fabric

information of polyester milk silk fabric

For this single jersey fabric, there are 10 colors for ready to ship. And for RTS colors, the MOQ is 1 yard. Also for the spot printing. Furthermore, for custom dyeing, the MOQ is 100kg. While for custom printing, usually 1 roll(about 100m) 1 pattern. So if you need a samll quantity for trial order, ready to ship colors and prints will be the best choice. By the way, it’s also available for lap dip or swatch if you do custom color or printing.

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