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Stretch Brushed Nylon Spandex Double Knit Sport Lycra Fabric

Item Nr: NS110
Composition: Nylon 75% Lycra 25%
Yarn Count: NDTY40D/34F+E40D
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. stretchy and buttery-soft
2. naked-feeling and comfy
3. sweat-wicking and fast drying
4. supportive and durable
5. versatile fabric breathable fabric
6. seamless fabric easy to work

What is Double Knit Sport Lycra Fabric

weft knitting fabric
double knit sport lycra fabric

Lycra: it’s a stretch and functional fiber by DuPont. You know lycra is an elastic fiber. With lycra blending, the fabric can be in high stretch and recovery. So sport lycra fabric can be more supportive and body fit than regular stretch fabric. Next, double knit: we can describe it professionally as interlock knit. It means the needles cross on two sides. This knitting structure allows the fabric to be firm and durable. Also, you know double knitted is thicker so that it will not see-through. So this interlock fabric is a good material for sportswear.

What is Brushed Sport Lycra Fabric

sports lycra fabric for activewear
sport lycra fabric for gym wear

Brushing is a technique for fabric finish. It’s to bring the fabric softness and comfort. There are single-brushing and double brushing. This sport lycra fabric is double-brushed. From the front to the back, it gives a super cozy feeling. By the way, this brushing fabric is anti-pilling. It provides durability for leggings and tops. Also, it enables body heat and is a little warmer than normal fabric. Besides being sportswear fabric, the brushed lycra fabric is possible to be women’s suit fabric. Supposing it has been a new fashion style: look perfect and wear comfortably.

Functions of the Nylon Lycra Fabric

moisture wicking test
wicking test
fabric breathability test
breathable test

First and most important, it’s a moisture-wicking fabric. To keep your end products a better user experience, that’s essential. It will be fast-drying and have no sweat stains. Secondly, the knit fabric is always breathable, which benefits skin-tight garments. Also high compression for good coverage. Next, the sport lycra fabric is a four-way stretch. The warp is easier to stretch than the weft. In other words, the vertical needs more modulus than the horizontal. Meanwhile, the double-knit fabric is a seamless fabric. As the name suggests, there is no seam and the edge is smooth. That’s convenient to cut and work with.

How about Sport Lycra Fabric Application

nylon lycra fabric army green
nylon sport lycra fabric for tracksuit and hoodies

Many big brands of gym wear and yoga wear prefer to use nylon elastane fabric as material. Because nylon spandex performs well and gives versatility. Furthermore, nylon has high strength and good stability. As a result, nylon lycra fabrics are often abrasion resistant and tear-resistant. So they are perfect for gym leggings, sports suits, and joggers. In my opinion, nylon lycra will be the preferred option for more and more athletic wear. And sport lycra fabric has the ability to be the selling point of your collection. That’s pretty good for starting your business. A good concept influences all.

Reasons for Choosing us

brushed finish process
brushed finish fabric

quality inspection

High quality is our first consideration and also our advantage. Each yard finished is through serious inspection. Also, we use premium yarn to spin the fabric. Like this sport lycra fabric, it’s nylon lycra blended by circular knitting. Besides that, we also supply warp knitting. And it’s possible for you to customize other compositions: poly spandex is common too. In addition, including the brushing technique, you have many options for fabric finish: fleece; PU coating; softening, and property additive(UPF50+, Dri-Fit; Anti-microbial; Fragrance). The nylon lycra fabric is solid color but you can choose to print on it. We also have some pattern designs for you!

For Regular Fabrics:

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate of wingtex 2022-2023

For Recycled Fabrics:

GRS certificate of wingtex

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