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Tan Through Fabric Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Fabric

Item Nr: NS009 / NS101
Composition: Nylon 91% Spandex 9% / Nylon 80% Spandex 20%
Weight: 90gsm / 160gsm
Width: 152cm
1. tan through mesh
2. lightweight and elastic
3. breathable and quick dry
4. micro-hole without sunburning
5. solid color or printed color
6. available color and printing

What is Tan Through Fabric?

tan through fabric

As the name suggests, tan through fabric means to allow the sun rays to pass through. Thus tan your skin without a tan line. Gradually you can get tan skin. In terms of the fabric appearance, the tan-through fabric is a mesh fabric with micro holes. And sunshine passes through these tiny holes. This also increases air circulation and evaporation of moisture. So the fabric can be breathable and quick drying. Usually, the tan-through fabric is lightweight due to the large amounts of small holes. So it feels like a layer of skin, makes you comfortable and free.

What is Wingtex Tan Through Fabric?

tan through fabric with wave-shaped mesh
Wingtex developed a new type of tan through fabric with wave-shaped holes. To Integrate elements of the sea into fabric design, we designed the mesh holes in the shape of waves. Densely packed holes allow sunlight to penetrate the skin without sunburn. This makes difference to your skin, not only getting a skin-tanning but also absorbing vitamin D. In addition, the fabric still has a sun protection effect which is SPF10. It can filter harmful UV and absorb healthy sun rays, allowing you to get healthy caramel-colored skin.
tan through fabric resist harmful UV

What are the Advantages of Tan Through Fabric?

Get Out of Tan Line

tan line
Usually, you can see bikini lines on the shoulder, chest, back, and waist. These parts often have more obvious lines because of the taut straps. While tan through fabric solved this problem. There is no tan line after wearing a tan-through bikini. The light mesh fabric makes it easy to get safe and long-lasting tanned skin.

Keep Cool and Dry

tan through fabric with huandreds of tiny holes
Due to the lightweight nylon-spandex mesh with hundreds of tiny holes, water can be easy to permeate and evaporate. So the tan through fabric can be quickly dry and allow your skin to be comfy all day long. Also, it is soft and stretchy, never wrapping the body too tightly. You will feel cool in summer.

What can Wingtex Provide?

what can wingtex provide
As a professional lycra fabric manufacturer, swimwear fabric is one of our main products. We provide customers with anti-UV swimwear fabric and tan through swimwear fabric. Both are certified and have related test reports. For swimwear fabric, you can customize printing and color. We also have available printed swimwear fabric like leopard print, cow print, shell print, etc. No matter plain fabric or mesh fabric for the swimsuit, you can get ready-to-ship color and print or customization for them.
tan through fabric for tanning skin

Tanning skin is always popular among Americans and Europeans. “Piel Canela” symbolizes health and energy, which brings people confidence. That’s one of the reasons for a seaside vacation. So why not choose tan-through fabric for wheatish skin?