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  • nylon waterproof fabric
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Water Repellent Fabric 280GSM High Density Nylon Spandex Waterproof Fabric

Item Nr: NS320
Composition: Nylon 80% Elastane 20%
Weight: 280g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. resist water and stain
2. microfiber fabric with close knitted
3. keep away from wind and cold air, bring warm
4. wear-resistant and tear-resistant
5. 4-way stretch tricot
6. compression fabric with high modulus

Discover the Waterproof Fabric for Your Outdoor Adventure …

Product Description

280GSM High-Density Nylon Spandex Waterproof Fabric

Fabric Type 4-way stretch tricot fabric What is water-repellent fabric meaning? with special ingredient treatment
Yarn Count NDTY70/24SE70 prevent moisture absorption
Surface sem-glossy prevent water penetration
Finish Treatment Water repellent never get wet even soak in the water
Color Black/Customized chemical finish of water resistant
Characteristics Water Repellent; Ripstop; Durable and sturdy; Stretchy and high compression; Abrasion resistant; Windproof; Tight-knitting; Perfect for outdoor and rainy days
Common Usage Waterproof gloves; Sportswear; Outer garments; Workout gloves; Swimsuit; Leggings
Other Benefits Free cut: it means you needn’t seam the edge. When you cut the fabric, it never curls.
Winkle resistant: the waterproof fabric has a super smooth appearance on both sides, never deforming
Good resilience: 20% spandex brings the fabric good recovery and high strength. It’s anti-pull.
Tear resistant: It’s a tough fabric with durable nylon draw-textured yarn, very firm for long-lasting use.
Thick material: This plays an important role in protecting you from wind and keeping you warm.

water repellent
smooth texture
firm and ripstop
back and front

The water-repellent finish is possible to contact your skin. It’s safe and eco-friendly. So you can be confident in the waterproof fabric safety. And it can provide a long-lasting effect, which means the water-resistant function will be continuous. It will always make a difference even though you wash it many times. In addition, the waterproof fabric does not fade or shrink. It’s worth buying because of its super long-time waterproof performance and superb technology. Of course, the quality process. It’s tightly knitted. Not easy to lose shape, good for body hug.
high color fastness
other color

Nylon Spandex Waterproof Fabric Usage

Due to its excellent water-repellent properties, the fabric is perfect for waterproof mittens, gym gloves, sports jackets, leggings, and other gym workout clothing. Also, the waterproof fabric is ideal for swimwear, beachwear, and diving suit. Not only because of its anti-water finish but also the 4-way stretch warp knitting. Besides that, the versatile fabric is fantastic for outdoor apparel. The high modulus allows the fabric to be ripstop. And the close knitting process makes it windproof and warm. So don’t be afraid of the cold weather, wingtex high-density knitting fabric will provide you with a solution.
water resistant fabric for gloves
for workout gloves

waterproof fabric for gym gloves.

Wingtex Latest Certificates

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification
You can get the certificate with related test reports. Every index has passed the Standard of OEKO-TEX 100. The test contains hazardous substance detection and fastness detection. From the greige fabric to the dyed fabric, they are promised to be in direct contact with the skin. For fabric durability, it proves to be 4-5 grade fastness to water and perspiration.  As we all know that OEKO-TEX 100  products require 3-4 grades to be qualified. So our fabrics are of excellent standards. Besides, the fastness to rubbing is 5 grade, which is also higher than the test requirement. So you can order fabric with quality assurance.
test reports of OEKO-TEX Standard 100
GRS certificate for recycled fabrics
When it comes to GRS(Global Recycled Standard), most people will consider the properties and quality of recycled fabrics. Don’t worry. We manufacture recycled fabrics according to the GBT of Waste Textile Recycling Technology Rules. There are at least 65% polyester fiber of waste polyester and 60% polyamide fiber of waste nylon. Through machine processing, the recycled fiber can be consistent with FZ/T Standard. No matter the strength, length, defect content, impurity rate, formaldehyde content, and dyes is under strict quality control. And there is at least 20% recycled composition of each fabric, so you can get a GRS label grade.

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  • More quantity, more favorable price
  • Many ready-to-ship types for urgent order
  • Accpet special finish such as water repellent; wicking; anti-UV; anti-pilling; anti-chlorine bleaching; anti-bacterial.
  • Visual for the production process. support factory inspection by video
  • On-time delivery, keep on tracking logistics status
  • Original sample analytics and do the same quality. Will send you samples to confirm first.

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