• slip dress with 100% polyester woven fabric
  • 100% polyester woven fabric
  • 100% polyester woven fabric soft and silky
  • both sides of polyester woven fabric
  • smooth
  • textured polyester woven fabric
  • slip dress with polyester woven fabric
  • soft and smooth polyester woven fabric
  • silky polyester woven fabric

Wingtex 100% Polyester Woven Fabric Wholesale

Item Nr: KF20211224C
Composition: Polyester 100%
Weight: 120-125g/m2
Width: 148cm
1. soft and silky
2. light and bright
3. tight woven
4. high grade color fastness
5. ready to ship color card free for reference


This is a kind of woven fabric with smooth feeling,good fabric drape and light weight. In addition, the front side of the woven fabric is like mirror satin, which is bright and beautiful. And the back side is texture polyester ground fabric. Therefore,this polyester woven fabric is light and smooth,bright and texture,drape well. It’s a good choice for making tops,suspenders,dresses,underwear,pajamas and pants.
fabric draped well polyester woven fabric

Main Features

1. smooth and drape well
2. light and bright
3. high bursting strength
4. high color fastness
high color fastness of 100% polyester woven fabric

What Is 100% Polyester Woven Fabric Used For?

garments with polyester woven fabric

This kind of woven fabric is multi-purpose. It’s an ideal fabric for wide leg pants,night dresses,nightwear,camisoles,slip dress,lingerie and turbans. In other words,this polyester woven fabric is the first choice of dress manufacturers because this fabric won the hearts of women. Not only shape the attractive body curve, but also make women more confident,live a beautiful and bright life. The dress made of this fabric is popular among consumers,especially women. Why not choose the fabric for your manufacture?

slip dress show

How to Care For Polyester Woven Fabric

1. Be careful when cutting
2. Gentle circle machine washing or hand washing
3. About 40 degree water washing
4. Don’t bleach
4. Hang drying or low heat drying
5. Iron at low heating

Frequently Asked Questions For Polyester Woven Fabric

1. What is woven polyester like?
Polyester woven fabrics are divided into warp and weft,the fabric structure is relatively stable. And the surface of polyester woven fabric is flat and smooth, bright and silky. The fabric is firm and durable, and the appearance is crisp.

2. How to distinguish woven fabric and knit fabric?
To distinguish whether it is a knit fabric or a woven fabric, we can see whether the yarns cross in warp and weft or whether the loops intertwine with each other. If the warp and weft cross, it is a woven fabric, if the loops intertwine, it is a knit fabric.

This is our OEKO-TEX Certificate and GRS Certificate.

This is our fabric production process.
production process

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1: What is minimum quantity?
A1: NO MOQ, any quantity we can do for you.
Q2: Do you offer free samples?
A2: Yes, Free hangers/color card and yardage sample within 1 yard available.
Q3: What is your term of payment?
A3: We can accept the payment through PayPal, T/T Etc.
Q4: Can you produce according to customers I design and color?
A4: Yes, we have own design team who can draw or dye according your requirements.
Q5: What’s the time of delivery?
A5: Basic items we can send 7-15 days.
Q6: What is your quality guarantee?
A6: 100% inspected before shipment.