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Wingtex 4 Way Stretch Knit Polyester Spandex Fabric

Item Nr: PS434
Composition: Polyester 92% Spandex 8%
Weight: 140g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. excellent comfortable and stylish
2. excellent wear resistance
3. easy to clean and maintain
4. comfortable, fashionable and versatile
5. tested by GRS
6. custom colors and custom prints

Knit polyester spandex fabric is a material that is excellently comfortable and stylish. If you are the owner of a clothing manufacturer, then you have to keep watching. This article will focus on knitting polyester spandex fabric for you! Including its features and advantages as well as our products. So! let’s explore the secrets of this material!blue knit polyester spandex fabric

Features of Knit Polyester Spandex Fabric

Knitted polyester fabrics of spandex are made of polyester and spandex fiber interweave. It has many characteristics. Here I will highlight his distinctive features. So the rest is not detailed.

The knit polyester spandex fabric is very soft. Not only that, it also has good elasticity. This will make you feel comfortable. Then it can adapt to the curve of the body. Provide free movement space. Make you feel relaxed and happy when wearing.knit polyester spandex fabric for sportswear

This fabric has good breathability. So it allows air to circulate. Then keep yourself dry and comfortable.

It has excellent wear resistance. Otherwise not easy to pill or deform, durable.

This fabric is easy to clean and maintain. So no special care procedures are required. Simply cleaning is OK. So it can keep the fabric in good condition.details of ps434

Advantages of Knit Polyester Spandex Fabric

Knit polyester spandex fabric has many advantages over other materials. Otherwise, this fabric is suitable for a variety of clothing styles. Including underwear, T-shirts, sports clothes, etc.application of polyester spandex fabric

It has a certain gloss. This can add a sense of fashion to the outfit. It has a soft texture and a rich choice of colors. So this makes it unique for your customers to wear.

Meanwhile, polyester spandex fiber is environmentally sustainable. The production process of this fabric has a smaller environmental footprint. When you choose this fabric, you are also helping to protect the environment.why choose us


Knit polyester spandex fabric is a comfortable, fashionable, and versatile material. Whether it’s underwear or sportswear. It can bring you the perfect combination of comfort and fashion.

So? what’s the advantage of Wingtex’s fabric?

Wingtex is a fabric manufacturer with more than 20 years of history. Our fabrics are tested by GRS. It is high quality. In addition, we also offer custom colors and custom prints. Choose wingtex fabric! Show your personality and style! Refresh your customers’ wardrobes!certification of shapewear fabric

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