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Wingtex 4 Way Stretch Tricot Swim Spandex Fabric for Swimwear

Item Nr: NS036
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 210g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. a variety of colors, patterns, and styles
2. high grade color fastness
3. comfort, elasticity, and durability
4. perfectly fit the body curve
5. excellent fast-drying performance
6. effective UV protection

warp swimwear 4 way stretch fabricIn hot summer, swimming in the water is undoubtedly the best enjoyment! If you are looking for swimsuit fabric! Find a swimming fabric that provides comfort, elasticity, and durability. So do not miss it when you pass by!  Because we understand the demands of swimming for comfort, durability, and performance. That’s why wingtex has designed this unique swim spandex fabric. Whether your customers are swimmers or professional swimmers, our swim spandex fabric will bring them an exceptional swimming experience. So let’s find out.swim spandex fabric information

Product Features of Swim Spandex Fabric

First and foremost, our swim spandex fabric is made from high-quality elastic fibers. So the addition of spandex makes it perfectly fit the body curve. Provides you with superior comfort and flexibility.

Imagine you are swimming in the water. Your body is perfectly supported and balanced. With each stroke, your body moves lightly through the water. Your muscles work against the resistance of the water. So every movement is full of power and grace. It all needs a good swimwear fabric to support it!nylon spandex stretch fabric

Second, wingtex’s swim spandex fabric has excellent durability. Because its main component is nylon. 82% nylon and 18% spandex make it able to withstand prolonged use. It won’t break if you clean it so many times. So it can maintain the original excellent quality.

In addition, swim spandex fabric has excellent fast-drying performance. It absorbs and removes water quickly. Keep you dry and comfortable during your swim. No swimwear sweltering discomfort. Whether in a swimming pool or the ocean. The water has become your stage. You can show your skill and speed to your heart’s content!orange nylon spandex fabric for swimwear

Finally, our swim spandex fabric offers effective UV protection. This helps protect you from UV damage. Its UPF can reach 50+. Give you more peace of mind when swimming outdoors.detail of ns036

Why Choose Our Swim Spandex Fabric?

1. High-Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing the highest quality swim spandex fabric. Ensure that every meter of fabric is subject to strict quality control and testing. By the way, wingtex fabrics are GRS tested. So environmentally friendly materials let you rest assured. Rest assured!

2. Wide selection

We offer swim spandex fabric in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Of course, you can also customize colors and prints. Our personalized services meet the individual needs of different groups of people.

3. Quality service

Our team will be happy to provide you with professional consultation and after-sales service.best parts of the swim spandex fabric


When your swimsuit products use Wingtex’s fabric. When your customer puts on your swimsuit and jumps into the water. He will feel a comfort and freedom he has never felt before. Our swim spandex fabric adheres to the body. It fits like a second skin. Let him feel unparalleled softness and comfort.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!contact us