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Wingtex Hot Sales Bamboo Lycra Fabric for Nightwear

Item Nr: RS001
Composition: Bamboo 92% Spandex 8%
Weight: 200g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. fashionable and malleabl
2. environment and health
3. comfortable, eco-friendly, and stylish
4. excellent air permeability and moisture absorption
5. unparalleled comfort and environmentally sustainable

bamboo fabric bannerThe earth’s resources are limited. It’s the same in the fabric industry. When your customers start paying attention to the environment and health. If you own a clothing business. Then you have to think! Thinking about what? How can you improve your competitiveness among your peers? Bamboo lycra fabric is undoubtedly an ideal choice. Then walk with me into its unique charm!fabric details

Bamboo Lycra Fabric: Unparalleled Comfort

It is a fabric made of bamboo fiber. Of course, its comfort is unparalleled. Why is that? Because bamboo fiber has excellent air permeability and moisture absorption. As the name suggests, it expels water. Especially when your body is sweating. Keeping skin dry is its primary function. Compared with traditional fabrics, bamboo lycra fabric is lighter and softer. Fit the body curve. You can imagine. If you use it to make pajamas! How comfortable that would be – skin-friendly material for a good night’s sleep.details of silky

Bamboo Lycra Fabric: Environmentally Sustainable

In addition, bamboo fiber is a natural renewable resource. It grows fast. The growth process is also very simple. What’s more, it’s friendly to the environment. After all, bamboo is famous. So you don’t have to worry about bamboo being unhealthy. This greatly reduces the burden on the environment. It also provides you with a green fashion option. Whether you use it to make pajamas, underwear, or even quick-drying sportswear. It’s all good material!details of beautifully color

Bamboo Lycra Fabric: Fashion and Variety

Of course! Bamboo lycra fabric is fashionable. It’s very malleable. It has different styles and fashion senses. Or simple or classic or vintage or modern! Meet the fashion needs of different people ~ not only that! It can also be dyed into a variety of bright, bright colors. To make the clothing more lively. btw, wingtex also offers custom colors and custom prints~


To sum up. Bamboo lycra fabric is the darling of the fashion world! Want to show your unique personality in a fashion trend? Bamboo lycra fabric to help you! Its design is diverse. The colors are colorful. It’s dazzling!details of selected raw materials

It’s the magic stuff of fashion! Whether you want to wear it for sports, leisure, or formal occasions. It can help you create the perfect look!bamboo lycra fabric application

So! Bamboo lycra fabric is your choice! Make your products feel comfortable, eco-friendly, and stylish! If you are looking for a high-quality fabric material. Come on, bamboo lycra stretch fabric. Make your products more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and fashionable!contact us