laminated fabric

Wingtex Nylon Spandex Laminated Fabric for Shapewear

Item Nr: NS112
Composition: Nylon 70% Spandex 30%
Weight: 330g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. abrasion resistant
2. good body shaping effect
3. high stretch
4. ready to ship color card free for reference

Introduction of Laminated Fabric for Shapewear

This kind of laminated fabric is abrasion resistant and has good body shaping effect. And it has other uses like making riding costume,maternity belt and so on.

Features of Laminated Fabric for Shapewear

High Stretch

This kind of laminated fabric has good elasticity.Both the warp and weft directions have high stretch.And it can recover to the original.

Soft and Comfortable

The fabric is soft and skin-friendly.It’s suitable for close-fitting wear.

Good Shaping Effect

good shaping effect
It has good fabric drape and abrasion resistantance. So it won’t fall off no matter how you move. And this shapewear fabric can fit your body tightly and help you shape your body well.

Laminated and Thick

laminated fabric
The laminated fabric makes the fabric heavy weight. So it’s thick and warm. Besides body shaping, it can help you keep warm.

Color Card

color card
Here are some colors of this fabric. And this is just part of our colors. If you need other colors, please send us photos. We can customize the color you need.

Certification of Laminated Fabric for Shapewear

OEKO-TEX certification
test report
Our fabric has passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. And we have specific test reports of the fabric. We guarantee that our fabric meet the international standard.
In addtion,we use International 4 Point Inspection System to check every meter.We can guarantee every meter we shipped is qualified.

Uses of Laminated Fabric for Shapewear

maternity belt
Besides making shapewear,it’s also suitable for making riding costume, sports jacket, underwear,postpartum belly belt,belly lift pregnent women leggings and maternity belts.

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