Swimwear Fabric

Here are different types fabric for swimwear including swimsuit mesh fabric, swimsuit plain fabric, swimsuit print fabric, crinkle swimwear fabric, seersucker swim fabric, swim trunks fabric, swimsuit lining fabric, glitter swimwear fabric. Our swimwear fabrics material are mainly nylon spandex fabric and polyester spandex fabric. There are also tricot swimwear fabric and ribbed swimwear fabric. And we have semi dull nylon spandex fabric, matte nylon spandex interlock and shiny tricot fabric.
Some heavyweight fabrics are anti-UV, some are waterproof, some are moisture wicking. This depends on the fabric finished process. And we can provide you with related test reports.
Besides, we can customize fabric printing. If you want custom print fabrics, you can send us pattern and we will print according to your preference.

Wingtex Metallic Lurex Fabric Sparkle Nylon Spandex Shimmer Fabric

Item Nr: H-104
Composition: Nylon 50% Lurex 45% Spandex 5%
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 62/63"
1. sparkle nylon spandex
2. lurex yarn metallic
3. glitter stretch fabric
4. good recovery
5. multiple colors
6. breathable and comfortable

Foil Print Spandex Fabric Wingtex Dancewear Fabric

Item Nr: NS036-F
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 200g/m2
Width: 58/60''
1. shiny and glossy
2. 4 way high stretch
3. Keep original and durable
4. Keep cool and dry
5. UPF50+
6. 3 common colors for ready to ship

Stripe Fabric for Crop Tank Top

Item Nr: KF1507
Composition: Nylon 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 130cm/51in
1. stylish stripe fabric
2. soft and 4 way high stretch
3. wicking and quick dry
4. breathable and skincare
5. OEKO-TEX certified
6. available colors and customization

Boardshort Fabric Sublimation Printed Stretch Woven Polyester Microfiber Fabric

Item Nr: YFY008/YFY009/YFY010
Composition: Recycled Polyester 90% Spandex 10% / Polyester 88% Spandex 12% / 100% Polyester
Weight: 160gsm/170gsm/118gsm
Width: 57-59INCH
1. waterproof fabric
2. strong sublimation print
3. firm and durable
4. quick drying
5. tightly-woven
6. various yarns and pop print

Tan Through Fabric Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Fabric

Item Nr: NS009 / NS101
Composition: Nylon 91% Spandex 9% / Nylon 80% Spandex 20%
Weight: 90gsm / 160gsm
Width: 152cm
1. tan through mesh
2. lightweight and elastic
3. breathable and quick dry
4. micro-hole without sunburning
5. solid color or printed color
6. available color and printing

Lining Fabric Wholesale 100% Polyester Swimsuit Lining Fabric

Item Nr: P068
Composition: 100% Polyester
Width: 155cm
1. light and breathable
2. supporting and stretchy
3. soft and skincare
4. comfortable and durable
5. multi colors for ready to ship

Ombre Fabric 82 Nylon 18 Spandex Color Changing Swimwear Fabric

Item Nr: NS036-P
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 200g/m2
Width: 152cm
1. gorgeous color changing fabric
2. 4 way stretch
3. smooth and silky
4. 4 grade color fastness
5. UV resistance for sun protection
6. ready-to-ship color and customization

Sun Protection Fabric 85 Nylon 15 Spandex Single Jersey Fabric

Item Nr: KF1466
Composition: Nylon 85% Spandex 15%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 160cm
1. UV resistant UPF 50+
2. smooth and cool feeling
3. stretchy and resilient
4. wicking and non-sticky
5. 20+ ready to ship colors

Lurex Fabric Silver Yarn Nylon Spandex Stretch Jersey

Item Nr: KF1428
Composition: Nylon 70% Spandex 13% Silver Yarn 17%
Weight: 180±5g/m2
Width: 160±3cm/63inch
1. soft and skin-friendly
2. 2 way stretch
3. breathable and wicking
4. glitter and luxurious
5. 40+ colors available