Environmental protection is already an old topic , so why continue to emphasize it here?

In terms of the relationship between man and nature, man and nature live in harmony, and to protect the environment is to protect human beings themselves.
Nature provides resources for human beings, because with resources, human beings can survive. If the resources and environment are damaged, then the space for human survival and development becomes not so ideal.

As a person in the clothing industry, we should also seek a relatively environmentally friendly means to support the environmental health cycle in terms of clothing materials and raw materials. In recent years, the popularity of recycled materials in the yarn industry has been very high. at present, the categories of environmentally friendly recycled products are: recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled acrylic fiber, recycled cotton, recycled products can be divided into two categories: pre-consumption and post-consumption.

Pre-consumption: it belongs to the leftover materials and surplus materials produced in the process of clothing production, which have not yet entered the consumption system.

Post-consumption: it belongs to the recovery and recycling of old things, which is a product that has already been consumed. after recovery, it is cleaned and sterilized and reintegrated into fiber, and then re-spun into yarn.

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Today we will discuss the following recycled materials:

Recycled polyester
Using polyester cloth, or waste polyester bottle chips, spinning waste silk, bubble material, pulp blocks as raw materials, waste bottles are crushed and cleaned, and the mixture of various materials is dried, melt extruded, spun, wound, bunched, drawn, crimped (while adding different oils during crimping according to customer needs), relaxed heat setting, and cut off to form polyester staple fibers of different length. There is also a special process for wire drawing to become a long fiber. It belongs to the product after consumption.
Recycled polyester is also the first common fiber to be recycled, and the design of recycled polyester used by major brands is also perfect, such as Adidas, NIKE, HM, ZARA, Centra and so on.

Recycled nylon
Through the collection of waste plastics, fishing nets and textile fiber waste in the ocean, recycling and purification production.
The most famous example is that luxury brand Prada and fabric manufacturer Aquafil have jointly launched a series of recycled nylon bags with six classic styles, all made of environmentally friendly nylon materials, with a special design of the Prada triangle logo, a move that represents an innovation from linear supply chain to ring, and makes effective achievements for the recycling of recycled materials. The above materials belong to post-consumer products. However, there are also recycled nylon materials for waste silk recycling. Xia Lida has developed a variety of fancy yarns through this pre-consumer material.