The washing resistance of anti-ultraviolet and quick-drying fabrics is also the most concerned. Common special functions are basically realized through post-processing. However, after 5 to 10 washes of the fabrics used by many brands, the post-treatment agents have basically disappeared, so they have basically lost their functionality.

This is also an important point in the price difference of various fabrics.


First of all, let’s talk about the production principle of UV protection for quick-drying clothes. The main process is to add ceramic powder to the spinning dope, and the fabric produced by spinning weaving, so that it has the function of UV protection. This is the process of weaving used for quick-drying clothing fabrics.

According to the different uses of the fabric, the level of UV protection is also different. In addition, there are also some fabrics that achieve UV protection through post-processing, such as the use of CIBA’s processing technology.


Quick-drying pants and quick-drying clothes are an inevitable choice for travel friends in summer. The previous quick-drying underwear generally emphasized the effect of quick-drying. Many quick-drying clothes and quick-drying pants have adopted new technologies this year, adding UV protection.


In fact, the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays is related to the color of the clothes. The darker the color of the fabric, the stronger the ability to absorb ultraviolet light, and the less ultraviolet light reaches the skin. In addition, in the same environment, dark clothing absorbs more heat than light-colored clothing.