Wingtex Nylon Spandex fabric Manufacturer

Wingtex Nylon Spandex Fabric Manufacturer

Wingtex provide you with qualified nylon spandex fabrics. We manufacture nylon spandex fabrics for garments and medical supplies. Wingtex nylon spandex fabrics has various purpose. It is common to use for swimwear material and leggings material. Nylon spandex fabric is also common for mesh fabric. The following is the reason why nylon spandex fabric common for these:

  • High elongation and recovery
  • Skintight and skincare
  • Sweat wickingand abrasion resistant
  • High strength and modulus
  • Breathable and comfortable

Wingtex Nylon Spandex Fabric

Wingtex manufacture different percentage of nylon spandex fabrics. The common yarn percentage is like 82% nylon 18% spandex, 71% nylon 29% spandex, 92% nylon 8% spandex etc. Also, we can do different weight including lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight. Take the following as an example: 90gsm(light),170gsm(medium),280gsm(heavy).

Besides, we custom gloss of nylon spandex fabric. There are full gloss fabrics, glossy fabrics,semi-gloss fabrics, matte fabrics, semi-dull fabrics, full dull fabrics. Custom shaded nylon spandex fabrics are often to apply on swimwear.

For nylon spandex swimwear fabric, we also provide you with custom digital printing and sublimation printing. In addition, most of our nylon spandex knitted fabric are two way stretch. While the difference is the modulus(the strength you need when stretch the fabric).

Wingtex Nylon Spandex by Yarn Percentage(6+)

82% Nylon 18% Spandex Plain Fabric

This is our best selling nylon spandex fabric which is 190gram every square meter. The fabric itself is plain dyed but it also has printing ones. You can use the fabric as ground fabric for custom printing yourself. Or you can send pictures to us and we will customize for you. It’s 4 way stretch swimwear fabric which is breathable and UV resistant.

70% Nylon 30% Spandex Seamless Fabric

This fabric is 140gram every square meter. It’s free cut without curling. Or we can call it seamless fabric. So this nylon spandex fabric is perfect for seamless underwear. Also, it’s suitable for lingerie and panties. The lightweight fabric is a tricot fabric with skincare, smooth and silky hand feeling, good fabric drape and high stretch.

86% Nylon 14% Spandex Lightweight Fabric

This nylon spandex fabric is 120gsm which is light and breathable, soft and elastic. The fabric is a good choice for sports bra and skirt, cycling wear, panties and briefs. Also, it’s very cool for summer wear like vest, camisole, dress, shorts etc. The fabric has high elongation and recovery. Although it’s lightweight, it’s still wear resistant with high bursting strength.

75% Nylon 25% Spandex Ribbed Fabric

This is a multi-purpose nylon spandex fabric. Not only for swimsuit and bikini, but also for fashion apparel such as ribbed dress, ribbed body suit or ribbed tank top. This fabric is 250-260gsm. So the fabric is not see through. For swimwear, the fabric is UPF50+ and chlorine resistant. We have multi colors in stock. We also customize Pantone color.

72% Nylon 28% Spandex Interlock Fabric

The fabric is buttery soft,breathable and moisture wicking. Both sides are the same and free cut. It’s 220-230gsm which is suitable for tracksuit, yoga wear, leggings. It’s also a compression fabric which is good for athletes to promote blood circulation and muscle recovery. Meanwhile, the nylon spandex fabric is skin-friendly even to sensitive skin.

74% Nylon 26% Spandex Shape wear fabric

This high shaping level nylon spandex fabric is specially designed for shape wear. The fabric is solid and durable. It has high modulus so that it can get high compression level. What’s more, the fabric has high bursting strength. So it’s suitable for sewing shape wear in any size. The weight is 165gram every square meter, also breathable, nice for skintight wear.

Nylon Spandex Fabric by Gloss(6)

Nylon Spandex Semi Glossy Fabric

It’s a kind of semi glossy fabric with smooth surface. It’s a tricot fabric with high stretch and abrasion resistance. The nylon spandex fabric is easy for close fitting. It’s a perfect alternative for bathing suit especially one piece bathing suit. It has cool hand feeling for summer. And it’s stretchy for leotard. By the way, the fabric is 180gsm, also anti-UV.

Nylon Spandex Semi Dull Fabric

  This semi dull fabric is nylon filament and spandex yarn blended. With soft and smooth hand feeling, it’s a perfect choice for lingerie,pajamas and underwear. It’s a lightweight fabric which is good for summer. It’s also sweat wicking and quick drying. For underwear, we can also do functional finishing like anti-bacterial, cool feeling.

Nylon Spandex Matte Interlock

The fabric is an interlock fabric with high stretch and ultra softness. It’s nice for sewing leggings, shape wear shorts and sports bra. The nylon spandex interlock fabric is free cut and clean cut. So you don’t need to seam the fabric edge. It’s a practical fabric which is helpful to save time and material. And it’s a slimming fabric without reflecting light.

Nylon Spandex Stretch Satin

We have different solid colors of this fabric including red, green, pink, brown, black and navy blue. It’s very popular to make lingerie, turban, nightwear, underwear and swimwear. The shiny satin is attractive and full of charm. One side of the nylon spandex fabric is satin surface and the other side is plain color. And the fabric is two way stretch and lightweight.

Nylon Spandex Plain Fabric

  The plain fabric is a waterproof fabric with smooth texture and high color fastness. It’s heavyweight and UV resistant, stretchy for swimsuit. It also has high compression for bodysuit and skintight clothes. In addition, the nylon spandex fabric is durable and wrinkle resistant. It has high bursting strength and abrasion resistance, excellent for shape wear.

Nylon Spandex Matte Tricot

  The spandex yarn count of this fabric is 40/70D, which is coarser yarns and makes the fabric high elongation and modulus. The yarn is stronger than normal one. So the fabric has higher bursting strength and better durability. It is a major choice for making body shapers. And the fabric is softer than you consider. It’s suitable for close fitting wear.

Nylon Spandex Fabric by Printing(3)

Nylon Spandex Digital Print Fabric

Here are some of patterns with digital print such as Camouflage, Leopard print, coconut tree. Although digital printing is more expensive than screen printing, many customers choose it for more precise presentation. You just send your design and wait for final printing. To be honest, you will get the same fabric printing effect as your design.

Nylon Spandex Foil Print Fabric

  To get shiny effect, we print foil on the fabric surface. The back side looks a little shiny because of the glitter surface. Foil fabric gives the apparel liquid gold style and a sense of luxury. It’s excellent for fashionable outfits. You can make dresses out of nylon spandex foil print fabrics. Or you can make other common outfits like yoga pants, swimwear and dance wear.

Nylon Spandex Tie Dyeing Fabric

  As the name suggests, part of the fabric is tied with string before dyeing. After tie dyeing, you can get colored patterns. This is a special dyeing process for fabric. And it’s one of Chinese traditional hand dyeing methods. At present, tie dye is still a fashion element for clothing. The nylon spandex tie dye fabric is common to make T-shirts and yoga leggings.

Nylon Spandex Fabric by Mesh(6)

Nylon Spandex Jacquard Mesh

This is a tricot fabric with jacquard mesh. So the fabric is 100% breathable. Cause the mesh is like butterfly, we also call it butterfly mesh fabric. It’s stretchable and durable. The fabric is a better choice for making cover-up,crop top and mesh panel leggings. Besides making mesh active wear, it’s also nice for making cropped T-shirts and yoga T-shirt.

Nylon Spandex Stretch Mesh Fabric

  For active wear top and bottom, this fabric is breathable and comfortable. Meanwhile, it’s has functionalities including wicking and quick dry. It also has good hand feeling which makes the fabric skin-friendly. And the nylon mesh fabric is stretchy and long-lasting. With good wear and tear resistance, it’s a better option for shaper shorts.

Nylon Spandex Power Mesh Fabric

For body shaper, the fabric has excellent compression. There are many common applications of this fabric. For example, it’s often used to make girdle, corset, bodysuit with brief. The power mesh fabric is designed for different comfort levels and wide size range. It is a very good shaping and support fabric, also a common use for post surgical compression garments.

90gsm Nylon Spandex Mesh Fabric

  It’s a lightweight stretch mesh fabric for swimwear and dance wear. The fabric is a premium swimsuit material which makes the ready to wear breathable. It is also durable and abrasion resistant. For leotard,the mesh fabric is good for tank, back and body wrappers. Due to the light weight and high stretch, it is also a perfect option for lingerie(bra and panties).

Nylon Spandex Athletic Mesh Fabric

  With high elongation and recovery, the fabric is often used to make sports wear and yoga wear. Besides, it has advantages of moisture wicking, soft and breathable. For skin care, the athletic mesh is also anti-bacterial. And it’s a durable fabric with certain strength. So many customers take the good advantage of the fabric to make leggings,yoga suit or athletic dress.

Recycled Nylon Spandex Fabric

The fabric is a lightweight power mesh fabric. Also, it’s a compression fabric with high strength. To increase shaping level, the spandex yarn accounts for 27% of all. Therefore, the fabric is common to apply on bra back cover,lingerie, mesh side leggings and mesh bodysuit. And it’s a recycled fabric with tight knitting and easy fitting, strong and durable for long service.

Wingtex Nylon Spandex Fabric Properties


Nylon itseif is flexible and ductile. It can be stretched very long and return to its original shape. The spandex is to increase elasticity. With two elastic fibers, nylon spandex fabrics turned to be super stretchy and anti-deformed. So the fabric is long-lasting and durable.


The fabric made of nylon is super smooth with ultra comfort. This makes the fabric skin-friendly and draped well. And some nylon spandex fabrics are smooth and cool for summer. The smooth texture makes better hand feeling and gives the fabric high-end texture.


For active wear fabric, nylon spandex fabrics have different functions such as sweat wicking, dry fit, quick dry, Supplex, etc. For underwear fabric and medical-grade fabric, our nylon spandex fabrics reach functions of anti-bacterial, during fabric post processing and finishing.


Nylon yarn is known for its high strength. Most of the mesh fabrics are made of nylon. It has excellent tear resistance and abrasion resistance. With spandex blended, the fabrics usually provide high compression and support, which is essential for leggings and shape wear.

Fabric Dyeing Process for Nylon

Nylon is a hydrophobic fiber with amino and carboxyl groups on the fiber. It can be dyed with reactive dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, especially weak acid dyes. Acid dyeing nylon has the characteristics of fast dyeing rate and high exhaustion rate. So we usually dye nylon ground fabrics with acid dyes. We usually consider four aspects when dyeing nylon:

  • Selection of dyes (compatibility);
  • Selection of auxiliaries (leveling agent);
  • pH value;
  • Dyeing temperature, heating rate and holding time at the highest temperature
fabric dyeing room
factory display

Why Choose Wingtex Nylon Spandex Fabric?

Value depends on quality. With higher and higher expectations of garment fabric, Wingtex always put the quality first place. Target to manufacture high-quality nylon spandex fabrics. Wingtex use excellent nylon yarn and spandex yarn as raw material, knitting with Karl Mayer tricot machine and Pilotelli circular knitting machine and other advanced equipment.

During process, Wingtex use strict quality control step by step. According to International 4 Point Inspection System, we check every meter of the fabric. We guarantee that every meter our fabric is qualified before shipping.

Your Professional Nylon Spandex Supplier

beam dyeing
fabric inspection and rolling
Based on imported equipment of knitting,dyeing and inspection, we built complete production line and professional test center. From knitting to dyeing, we pay attention to every step for quality assurance.

For fabric innovation, we target on functional nylon spandex fabrics. In order to meet the needs of customers, Wingtex continuously upgrades the production process and develops new types of functional fabrics for customers.

Get the lastest functional nylon spandex fabric you want, or custom the function you need. We will meet your needs as possible as we can!

Wingtex Nylon Spandex Fabric Applications

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Swimwear

We provide you with stretchy and supple swimsuit fabrics. If you want recycled fabrics, we can also manufacture it. For function, we can realize anti-UV, anti chlorine bleach, moisture absorbing , quick dry ,waterproof etc.

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Leggings

These fabrics are mainly compression fabrics. With high compression and flexibility fabric, you can sew sports tights and yoga leggings. You can customize the performance like cool-feeling, fast-drying, nude-feeling etc. And you can choose custom print fabric.

Nylon Spandex Fabric for lingerie

We have different nylon spandex fabrics for lingerie. The thicken mesh fabrics beyond 140gsm are for lingerie back cover. The sheer mesh fabric below 100gsm are for see through lingerie. The single jersey below 160gsm are for not see through lingerie.

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Underwear

For women underwear, the single jersey fabric below 160gsm or free cut(clean cut) double interlock below 160gsm is suitable. For men underwear, the stretch tricot fabric between 160gsm and 180gsm is suitable. For underwear accessories, power mesh is ok.

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Fajas

There are two main types of fabric for fajas Colombianas body shaper. One is thicken mesh fabric, the other is thicken plain fabric. Besides, there are some superfine and super soft weft knitting fabrics for fajas lining. Wingtex covers the whole material of fajas.


For NS036 (82 Nylon 18 Spandex Tricot Fabric for Swimwear)

 Amazing Supplier. Been working with them a long time and have done amazing business with them. They are honest about product deliveries and quality and work really hard to make sure that I was satisfied all the way through.

For NS107 (71 Nylon 29 Spandex 4 Way Stretch for Leggings)

This fabric is truly incredible and beats any lulu lemon quality fabrics.

For NS009(91 Nylon 9 Spandex 90gsm Stretch Mesh Fabric)

Our staple product in our core offerings here in the United States. Thank you Wingtex!

For NS439(86 Nylon 14 Spandex Single Jersey Fabric)

I am using this fabric to make lightweight stretch neck-gaiter type COVID-19 masks and it is perfect! It is so light weight yet strong, and the quality is obvious. The masks come out great!! thanks!

For NS018(73 Nylon 27 Spandex Power Mesh Fabric)

The samples are very good quality for underwear. it is recommended for buyers.

As synthetic fibers, nylon has higher strength and abrasion resistance. It is softer than polyester. Also, nylon is better for water absorption. In terms of dyeing, polyester mainly uses disperse dyes while nylon uses acid dyes.

Supplex is a combination of nylon and cotton. So it has the comfort of cotton and the durability of nylon. Supplex nylon fabric is water resistant and wrinkle resistant. It’s not easy to deform and fade. Besides, it’s washable and quick dry.

To reduce the pollution of nylon waste textile, recycling nylon has become a better solution. Most of the recycled nylon comes from old fishing net, old clothes and old carpets. Wingtex gives nylon a second life by recycling old clothes, scraps and waste nylon fabrics. Recycled nylon has excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility. And it is less hydrophilic than virgin nylon. But in terms of hand feeling, recycled nylon is less soft than the original. Generally, it has no doubt that recycled nylon plays an important role in environmental protection.

Nylon is more expensive than polyester but cheaper than cotton. Because nylon is more smooth and elastic than polyester. And nylon is more versatile, flexible and durable than other synthetic fibers. The price of nylon spandex fabric is more acceptable than pure nylon. Even though it’s higher than poly spandex, it deserves.

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