Wingtex Polyester Spandex Fabric

Wingtex Polyester Spandex Fabric

Wingtex is a professional polyester spandex fabric manufacturer in China. We have different types of polyester spandex knitted fabrics like jersey fabric, interlock fabric, four way stretch fabric, satin fabric, etc.
  • Customize fabrics according to your sample
  • Provide you with 4-5 grade color fastness
  • Quality Control with International 4 Point Inspection System
  • Accept low MOQ and custom proofing

Professional Polyester Spandex Fabric Manufacturer

Polyester spandex fabric is a common fabric in textile industry. It has wide range of application on garments. For example, our PXE111 fabric is used to make leggings, yoga wear, gym wear, suit, sports jacket etc. Please let us know your usage so that we can recommend the most suitable fabric to you.

Polyester spandex fabric has advantages of high stretch and wrinkle resistance. Meanwhile, it’s washable and quick dry, easy to store. When we identify if the fabric is polyester or not, we usually burn it and see if there is black smoke. Polyester fabric will emit black smoke after burning.

Wingtex Textile has passed Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. You can be confident to our products. We guarantee our fabrics are skincare and safe. We can provide you with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certificate related to your order.

Polyester Spandex Fabric Types

Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric

Polyester spandex jersey fabric is a kind of weft knitting fabric. We also call it polyester spandex single jersey. It means the front and back are different. Polyester spandex jersey fabric are usually for T-shirt, polo shirt, vest, underwear. Why? Because polyester spandex jersey has advantages of moisture wicking and breathable.

Polyester Spandex Interlock

Polyester spandex interlock fabric is also circular knitting fabric. It is also known as double interlock, which has the same look of both sides. This kind of fabric is perfect for long underwear, which is often called long johns. It also has other application such as leggings, clothing lining, yoga suit and children’s clothing.

Polyester Spandex Two Way Tricot

Polyester spandex two way tricot fabric is one of the warp knitted fabrics. Usually, we call it four way stretch fabric or swimwear fabric. So this kind of fabric is basically used for swimsuit and bikini. We can also print fabrics with patterns. Please send us pictures for printing if possible. Your patterns will be the icing on the cake.

Polyester Spandex Powernet Fabric

We manufacture different shapes of polyester spandex powernet fabric. The most common one is brick shape, We also call it polyester spandex power mesh fabric. It is different from ordinary mesh fabric. It has high compression level. Our polyester spandex powernet fabrics are good for making shapewear and back side of bra.

Polyester Spandex Satin Fabric

Most of our satin fabrics are shiny on one side and matte on the other side. The lightweight satin is ideal for lingerie while the heavyweight is for dress. Our polyester spandex satin has even color shade. It’s also stretchy so we call it stretch satin. Besides making lingerie and dress, it is also common for making pajamas.

Jacquard Polyester Spandex Fabric

We can manufacture different design of jacquard polyester spandex fabric. One of our hot selling jacquard is Honeycomb design jacquard. It is the best choice to make scrunched leggings. We will make new jacquard design according to the fashion trend. You can also send us pictures of jacquard design.

Polyester Spandex Fabric by Application(6)

Polyester Spandex Fabric for Tracksuit

To make  tracksuit, the fabric is usually thicker and heavyweight. This heavyweight poly spandex fabric is also good for making track jackets and track pants. And another feature is sweat wicking , which is consistent with tracksuit .

Polyester Spandex Fabric for Leggings

For leggings, the compression is important. So our poly spandex leggings fabric has high compression. Also, the fabric is  thick. In addition, we use brushing technique to make the fabric better hand feeling. We have single brushed and double brushed.

Polyester Spandex Fabric for Underwear

Although polyester is not as natural as cotton, it has better performance than cotton. It’s elastic and soft. We soften the fabric to make it feel like milk silk. It’s skin-friendly. So our micro polyester spandex milk silk fabric is good for underwear.

Thicken Polyester Spandex Fabric for Dress

We use gloss process after dyeing fabric. Through luster process, our poly spandex fabric is glossier and shiny. The thick satin is born. The front side is bright like mirror so we also call it mirror satin. It’s prefect for sewing wedding dress and evening dress.

Polyester Spandex Power Mesh for Shape wear

  Power mesh means stronger modulus and higher compression. So the fabric has good bondage and wrapping performance. And the small mesh makes the fabric breathable. So poly spandex power mesh is a good choice for making shapewear.

Polyester Spandex Warp Knitted Fabric for Swimwear

For swimwear, we have different functional fabrics. We manufacture tan through fabric , anti-UV fabric, anti-chlorine bleach fabric, waterproof fabric, quick dry fabric. Every function is according to your requirement. And we provide test reports for you.

Polyester Spandex Fabric Basic Features

high ealsticity of polyester spandex fabric

High Elasticity

Wingtex manufactures stretchy polyester spandex fabrics with high elongation and recovery. It’s not easy to deform. So it’s wrinkle resistant and ironing free. We provide you with durable and stretchy poly spandex fabrics.
abrasion resistant of polyester spandex fabric

Abrasion Resistant

Poly spandex fabric is abrasion resistant and wear resistant. It’s very suitable for outdoor activities wear like cycling wear. No matter lightweight or heavyweight,  Wingtex polyester spandex fabric has high bursting strength.
quick drying of polyester spandex fabric

Quick Drying

Polyester fabric is quick drying and no shrinking. It will quick dry even in cloudy weather. If in sunny weather, that will be easier. Some T-shirt fabrics are polyester spandex fabrics. Considering the hot summer wear or sportswear, that’s why it is.
anti-UV of polyester spandex fabric

Sun Protective

In terms of polyester, it has quite good advantage of sun protective. The sun protective performance is much better than natural fabric. So we also use poly spandex fabric for anti-UV swimwear or sun protection clothing.
circlular knitting shelf
tricot machine

Wingtex Polyester Spandex Fabric Production Process

Through many years’ manufacturing experience, Wingtex have had a complete production system. This promote us to provide high quality poly spandex fabrics for customers. With advanced techniques and equipments, we are able to meet different customers’ need and high praised by many customers.
Here is our process of polyester spandex fabric:

  1. Fabric weaving
  2. cold stacking
  3. Grey fabric rolling
  4. Cold stacking
  5. Open width desizing
  6. Presetting
  7. Dyeing
  8. Soaping
  9. Heat setting
  10. Inspection
  11. Rolling and packaging.

Why Wingtex Polyester Spandex Fabric?

Wingtex use high quality polyester yarn and spandex to spun fabrics. At the same time, we equipped with latest machines to meet with high productivity. Our capability can meet high order quantity. Also, we accept low order quantity.

Next, Wingtex strictly control every process of fabric production. We operate every process strictly in accordance with international Oeko-Tex standards. We always insist on the concept-care for people. That’s a key point why customers choose Wingtex.

If you need to customize fabrics with special function. We can process fabrics  consistent with your needs and provide you with testing reports. We have experienced technicians to guide the processing. This gives confidence to our customers.

Get polyester spandex fabrics from Wingtex now!

yarn spinning

Polyester Spandex Fabric Supplier in China

fabric inspection
fabric packaging
Wingtex has manufactured polyester spandex knitted fabrics for many years. We are a large manufacturer including textile, dyeing and printing. For wingtex, persisting in producing high-quality polyester spandex fabrics has made us what we are today. For customers, they created a wide variety of garments out of wingtex’s polyester spandex fabric, giving them a new lease of life. They have also won the favor of a large number of buyers, conveying fashion ideas.

We supply polyester spandex fabrics with different Deniers of yarn. According to your usage, we will use the best yarn count for you. We also custom yarn count according to your specific requirement. Also, we customize polyester fiber count and spandex fiber count. In addition, we have polyester and spandex yarns in different luster. And we choose the most suitable luster according to your need. The raw material of fabric is yarn. We guarantee the quality of our raw material meet FZ/T, GB/T standard.

We accept custom polyester spandex fabrics for yarn content, fabric weight, color, print, brushed. Also we accept specified function such as anti-UV, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking, waterproof etc. We also manufacture recycled polyester fabrics. And Wingtex recycled fabric has passed GRS(Global Recycled Standard) certification from third party. We can provide you with our GRS certificate. Also, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate is available.


“I am a tailor and business a clothing store. The fabric I received is so soft and comfortable. I made leggings with the brushed fabric. The leggings are hot selling in my shop. That’s pretty good!”
“I ordered 500 yards poly spandex interlock fabric from Wingtex last month. My clients are satisfied with the quality. I want to order more for my fabric shop.”
“Your poly spandex milk silk is so smooth and silky. This is the best hand feeling I have never come across before. We manufacture dress. The evening gowns and night gowns made of this fabric will be popular I think.”
“Wingtex provided us with good quality seamless fabric. The fabric is ideal for our underwear manufacturing. Our partners are very willing to cooperate with us!”

Polyester fiber is a chemical fiber refined by chemical process. The polyester fiber is mainly extracted from coal, oil or natural gas. It’s durable and elastic for wide application. Not only blended with spandex, but also blended with other fibers like cotton,rayon etc.

Due to good elasticity and quick drying, polyester spandex fabric is perfect for sportswear and leggings. Also,it’s a good choice for sewing suit, coat and shirt because of good stiffness and wrinkle resistance.

Polyester spandex fabric need washing with cold water. If not, the water below 45 degrees is available. Polyester yarn is melt spun, so high temperature is not friendly to her at all.

For leggings, sportswear, swimwear and underwear, the spandex content is 10%-30%. This is often polyester spandex or nylon spandex. Beyond 30%, some shape wear or waist band is available. These fabrics often have high compression level.