Opening session

The host Doris Yan read out the meeting agenda and announced the official start of the meeting.

The general manager speaks

At the meeting, General Manager Stone Wang led everyone to review the development history of Yingfeng and told stories full of fighting spirit. These stories tell us that pressure is the source of motivation. When facing pressure, only perseverance can create a miracle. Stone also emphasized the purpose of this performance conference and put forward feasible suggestions.

Sharing session

Looking back on the past, looking forward to the future, moving forward in hard work, and growing up in struggle. Excellent employee Alice Su shared her successful experience and methods in the past performance battles. Excellent supervisor Joyce Ni shared her practical experience and communication skills accumulated in the field of foreign trade. The participants listened carefully and recorded them.

Issuing mechanism

Put dreams into action to realize personal value and self-efficacy. At the conference site, Doris Yan announced various reward mechanisms and answered questions for everyone.

Oath ceremony

Having a sense of mission, honor, and responsibility. When we put on the battle robes, it means to march forward bravely for victory and fulfill our mission. The company places high hopes on every employee, and in order to live up to this trust, we solemnly swear: loyalty to our promise, mission will be achieved! Work hard and create another miracle!

The employees went on stage one after another, wearing red bracelets and headbands that symbolized victory, and under the watchful eyes of the company’s colleagues, they completed the solemn oath ceremony.

Write at the end

Life is long so add oil. Go forward courageously and pursue excellence. Wish us another miracle in the autumn performance war!

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