What is Digital Printing on Fabric?

Digital printing on fabric is printing using digital technology. The digital printing on fabric tech is a high-tech product integrates machinery,computer and electronic information. And digital printing on fabric is gradually forming with the continuous development of computer technology.

Nowadays, this technology is continuously improving. Meanwhile, digital printing on fabric tech has brought a brand new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and methods have brought an unprecedented development opportunity to textile printing and dyeing.

What are the Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabric?

1. Fast Response

With its fast proofing,the digital printing machine on fabric can improve the response speed of enterprises to orders. It is one step ahead of printing enterprises in the shopping mall. The competition intensifies,the processing price drops and the profit margin decreases. Customers have put forward higher requirements on printing companies in terms of cost, response speed, quality and service. Which company takes out samples first will be one step ahead and get orders. Increasing the speed of proofing will undoubtedly enable enterprises to win out of many competitors.

2.Cost Reduction

The use of digital printing machine for proofing can eliminate the need for machine time. It can replace part of the original necessary work on rotary screen and flat screen printing machines. Generally,it takes 3-4 hours for a machine to make a sample. If the customer is not satisfied, the company needs to revise repeatedly. This will cause a great waste of the company’s production capacity.

3. Good Proofing Effect and High Customer Approval Rate

As we all know,digital printing on fabric and traditional printing on fabric belong to different systems. Many professional technicians are worried that the proofing effect with digital printing machine is too good. Traditional printing can’t achieve this effect. In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. In order to solve this problem, domestic companies have organized the best domestic craftsmen to conduct in-depth research and find a solution.

This program uses software to adjust the digital printing proofing effect. Therefore,the traditional printing machine can achieve the proofing effect in production. From the color point of view, traditional paste can simulate the color effect of digital printing machine. Because the color gamut of the paste in traditional printing is wider than that of the digital printing ink.

4. Wide Application Range

The inks for proofing include reactive inks,acidic inks,and dispersive inks (sumblimation printing). The use of dispersive inks for direct printing is still looking for suitable inks. Generally,there is a paper draft or an electronic draft in the customer’s sample. You can proof it directly with a digital printing machine after the color separation process. The traditional printing machine can complete mass production according to the proofing effect.Besides,there is a fabric sample in customer’s sample. You need to explain some of the characteristics of digital printing on fabric to the customer. And you can change the proofing mode after getting the customer’s approval.

Customer Acceptance of Digital Printing on Fabric

digital printing fabric
digital printing on fabric

Enterprises must especially consider the ability of customers to accept new things. For some conservative customers, it is still safer to use traditional proofing methods. Only when digital proofing becomes the mainstream of the market, it is appropriate to recommend digital printing on fabric proofing to these customers. This process will take about 2-3 years in China.

The Future of Digital Printing on Fabric Technology

Digital printing on fabric technology and traditional printing on fabric technology are two completely different printing mechanisms in printing. Therefore, the use of digital printing machines for proofing requires a running-in period with customers. From the perspective of process links, there is also a running-in period for the internal proofing and production system of the enterprise. If possible, it is best to develop a set of process standards.After that,enterprises can quickly import digital printing proofing system which is recognized by customers.

By Daisy Zhu