scrunch butt lifting leggings

Wingtex 2021 Hot Style Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings Jacquard Fabric 90% Polyester 10% Spandex

Item Nr: PS815
Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10%
Weight: 280g/m2
Width: 160cm
1. thick fabric
2. soft and elastic
3. high grade color fastness
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings Jacquard Fabric

soft and elastic scrunch butt lifting leggings fabric
This fabric is specially designed for scrunch butt lifting leggings.It’s anti-slip,soft and elastic and has good butt lifting effect.This is 2021 hot style leggings fabric and has strong market demands.

Features of Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings Jacquard Fabric

Thick and Anti-slip

thick fabric
The jacquard on the surface make the fabric delicate and anti-slip.Meanwhile,the fabric is thick and durable.It can wrap your hips well and not easy to snag.

not easy to deform

not easy to deform
It’s not easy to deform no matter how you wash or wear.It won’t shrink or wrinkle after washing.So this fabric can keep as it is.

Soft and Elastic

soft and elastic
soft and elastic

As leggings fabric,the softness and elasticity must be excellent.Our fabric is really soft and elastic for customers to wear.The length of 5cm can be stretched to 13cm and recovered to 5.1cm.
So the fabric can be stretched to twice its original size and recover to original.We prove it has high elongation and recovery so you won’t feel tight when wearing this fabric.It also has soft handfeeling so you can feel friendly.

Shape Peach Butt

2021 hot style leggings
peach butt

Butt lifting leggings is popular among TIKTOK in 2021. Because it had good butt lifting effect.Wearing it often can not only shape beautiful leg curve but also shape peach butt.It’s also great to wear when you practice yoga and fitness.

Color Card of Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings Jacquard Fabric

color card
Here are different jacquard colors for your reference.If you have other color demands.Please send us photos.We can customize the color you need.

Certification of Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings Jacquard Fabric

Our fabric has passed OEKO=TEX STANDARD 100 certification.And we have specific test reports of the fabric.We guarantee that our fabric meet the international standard.
In addition,we use International 4 point Inspection System to check every meter.We can guarantee every meter we shipped is qualified.

The Main Purpose of Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings Jacquard Fabric

more usage
It’s mainly designed for scrunch butt lifting leggings.We can design different jacquard or we can customize the jacquard you like.

Our Main Products

wingtex main products
Wingtex mainly produce lycra knitted fabric, spandex knitted fabric and other stretch knitted fabric. Our fabric mainly used foe=r making sportswear, yoga wear, swimwear and lingerie.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1: What is minimum quantity?
A1: NO MOQ, any quantity we can do for you.
Q2: Do you offer free samples?
A2: Yes, Free hangers/color card and yardage sample within 1 yard available.
Q3: What is your term of payment?
A3: We can accept the payment through PayPal, T/T Etc.
Q4: Can you produce according to customers I design and color?
A4: Yes, we have own design team who can draw or dye according your requirements.
Q5: What’s the time of delivery?
A5: Basic items we can send 7-15 days.
Q6: What is your quality guarantee?
A6: 100% inspected before shipment.

Participate in the Fabric Exhibition

Here are some photos of our participation in the fabric exhibition in Vietnam.
wingtex fabric exhibition

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