• bamboo fiber fabric
  • bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo Fiber Fabric for Underwear and Leggings

Item Nr: CS001
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 200-220g/m2
Width: 165cm/inch
1.Silky and Pretty
2.Natural and Elastic
3.Dye easily and No Fading
4.Anti-UV and Antibacterial
5. ready to ship color card free for reference

Bamboo fiber fabric is breathable and abrasion resistant. It’s easy to dye and not easy to fade.In addition,it’s natural and antibacterial. It feels soft and warm. It also has good anti-UV function.

Features of Bamboo Fiber Fabric

1.Silky and Pretty Bamboo Fiber Fabric

soft and smooth

easy to dye

First, it touches soft and silky to achieve skin-friendly effect. Besides, bamboo fiber fabric is easy to dye and the color looks beautiful.It’s suitable for making dresses because of its good drape and elegant texture.

2.Natural and Elastic Bamboo Fiber Fabric


raw material

Second, we extract bamboo fiber from bamboo to give it anti-mite and deodorant function. Meanwhile, it has good elongation and recovery. It’s suitable for making underwear, towels, socks.

3.Dye easily and No Fading Bamboo Fiber Fabric


color fastness

Third, we use environmental dyestuff to guarantee it’s gentle to touch and not irritating. Also, it’s easy to dye and has real dyeing effect. In addition, it has high color fastness. It means the fabric isn’t easy to fade even though it is washed or exposed to the sun very often. Both machine washing and hand washing is ok. And you needn’t worry about color mixing with other clothes.

4.Anti-UV and Antibacterial Bamboo Fiber Fabric



Finally, it’s anti-UV. According to the experiments, the ultraviolet light transmittance of bamboo fiber is 6 per 10,000. But the ultraviolet light transmittance of cotton is 2,500 per 10,000. So the UV resistance of bamboo fiber is 41.7 times that of cotton. Moreover, it is natural and antibacterial. When we observe different fibers under the microscope, we find bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fibers. But the bacteria on bamboo fiber products are killed more than 75% after 24 hours. This is not available in other textile materials.Therefore, it’s suitable for making baby clothing.


bamboo fiber fabric

bamboo fiber

Details:Weight:200-220g/m2; Usable Width:165cm/inch; Yarn&Composition:92% Bamboo Fiber 8% Elastane

Application of Bamboo Fiber Fabric

bamboo fiber fabric

bamboo fiber

bamboo fiber

bamboo fiber

It’s suitable for making underwear, pajamas, leggings, sportswear and other close-fitting clothes. Also, it’s suitable for baby clothing.

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