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Best Fabric for Lingerie: Wingtex Microfiber Single Jersey

Item Nr: NS439
Composition: Nylon 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 110g/m2
Width: 59"
1. breathable moisture-wicking
2. light weight and smooth
3. soft and silky
4. antibacterial for sensitive skin
5. high stretch and high recovery

the best fabric for Lingerie bannerBefore discussing the best fabric for lingerie, we need to know our needs. Are you looking for soft and comfortable lingerie fabrics? Are you looking for fabric that breathes and wicks sweat? Or fabrics that look sexy? Let’s take a closer look.

the Best Fabric for Lingerie: Soft and Comfortable

Soft and comfortable is the first thing you consider when choosing fabrics. Let’s imagine a scenario! When you come home tired after a long day’s work. It’s time to unload everything, like extra clothes. Comfortable lingerie gets rid of your fatigue and relaxes you. So a cozy and supple fabric is necessary for lingerie.

the Best Fabric for Lingerie: Breathable and Sweat-wicking Fabric

Lingerie is an extra layer of clothing on top of your outer clothing. So, breathability is important! Unbreathable lingerie can make you feel not cozy on a hot summer day. On the contrary, breathable lingerie will make you feel free. It can make your body light and flexible when exercising. Similarly, Non-moisture-wicking lingerie fabrics make you feel sticky when sweaty. Imagine how indescribably uncomfortable the stuffy feeling is! Therefore, moisture-wicking fabric is also an important feature of lingerie.

the Best Fabric for Lingerie: Sexy-looking Underwear Fabric?

Of course, you may consider the appearance when choosing lingerie fabric. It is sexy and makes you look more attractive. This might make for a great evening with your partner. This also allows underwear to fulfill its unique function.

To sum up, the best fabric for lingerie should have all the above characteristics. If you’re looking for a fabric like this, you can’t miss Wingtex’s microfiber single jersey! So? What is Wingtex’s microfiber jersey?product detail product details of sight transparent product of silky antibacterial fabric more usage of best fabric of lingerie

Wingtex Microfiber Single Jersey

It is made from a microfiber fabric, a blend of nylon and spandex. It is delicate, soft, breathable, and skincare. It’s more important to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. It makes you feel different. Image it! You walk for a long time free in the sun when wearing this fabric. Sweat trickles down your body from top to bottom. This fabric absorbs sweat immediately and takes away all your hot and sultry. Allow air flow and let fabric quickly dry. How’s that? Don’t hesitate. Grow up your brand with us!

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