• foil printed fabric
  • foil printed fabric

Nylon Foil Printed Gradient Color Fabric for Yoga Pants and Leggings

Item Nr: ANS107
Composition: Nylon 70%, Spandex 30%
Weight: 210g/m2
Width: 152cm/inch
1. Good abrasion assistance
2. soft and elastic
3. Dry-Fit moisture wicking
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Nylon Foil Printed Gradient Color Fabric

nylon fabric
In general, we use foil Printed technology to make the fabric shiny. And the gradient color makes the fabric full of romance. Besides, the material nylon has good abrasion assistance and moisture absorption.

Process Characteristics of this Fabric

foil printed
First, we use foil printed machine for foil printed. We consider the temperature that the fabric can withstand to make sure the foil printed fastness. So the fabric is anti-shrink.
nylon fabric
Second, the fabric has been specially softened. So it is soft and close-fitting. It’s skin-friendly. Moreover, we use Dry-Fit process to make sure the moisture absorption of the fabric.
nylon fabric
Third, we blend nylon with a small amount of spandex to ensure the elasticity of the fabric. In addition, it has high recovery. So it is not easy to deform. Also, the surface keeps smooth and flat after wearing or washing.

Tie-dye Tech of Nylon Foil Printed Gradient Color Fabric

nylon fabric
nylon fabric
We use tie-dye tech to achieve a gradient effect. Meanwhile, the color looks natural and rich. Our main color types are gradient black and gradient navy blue. These two colors have a sense of fashion and luxury. In addition to making yoga pants, this fabric is also suitable for stage wear.

Specification of Nylon Foil Printed Gradient Color Fabric

foil printed fabric
Details: Weight:210g/m2; Usable width:152cm/inch; Yarn&Composition:70% Nylon&30% Spandex

Application of this Fabric

nylon fabricfoil printed

This fabric is suitable for making yoga pants and stage costume like catwalk dress, evening dress, latin dance dress.

Certification of the Fabric

We have passed OEKO-TEX certificate to make sure our fabric is healthy and harmless.

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