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Nylon Spandex Fabric Free Cut Seamless Underwear Fabric

Item Nr: KF1449
Composition: Nylon 64% Spandex 36%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 160cm
1. smooth and supple
2. free cut (Cleancut)
3. stretchy and resilient
4. textured and durable
5. matte and slimming

Free Cut Underwear Fabric Details

nylon spandex fabric free cut underwear fabric

Soft and Durable

As shown in the picture, the nylon spandex fabric is supple and durable. The matte fabric has a slimming effect. And the durable fabric has a good shaping effect. It’s long-lasting for underwear and shapewear.

Free Cut without Curling

Free cut is also called cleancut. It’s very convenient for sewing garments. You don’t need to hem or recut the fabric. The free cut fabric is no curling or falling after cutting. It’s a perfect option for seamless underwear such as one piece bra or seamless panties.

Double Interlock Fabric

Interlock fabric means the front and the back looks the same. It’s thicker and firm. The nylon spandex interlock is a good choice for sewing yoga leggings and sports tights.

Nylon Spandex Free Cut Fabric Properties

nylon spandex free cut fabric properties

Smooth and Superfine Fabric

This nylon spandex fabric is very smooth on both sides. And the texture is also very delicate. It feels soft and silky with a skin-friendly effect. This free-cut fabric has a tight knit. Both sides of the fabric are flat and free from pilling. The workmanship of the fabric is fine and there are no defects.

High Bursting Strength

As shown in the figure, under the conventional strength, the fabric has not been broken, and it is still in good condition. And this underwear fabric is breathable, perfect for summer wear. It has a cool feeling so it doesn’t feel stuffy.

High Elongation

stretchy fabric for underwear

When you stretch this fabric, you’ll find that it stretches twice as much. In addition to the elastic effect of spandex, nylon also plays a role. And no matter how much you stretch the fabric it won’t warp or curl. Therefore, the recovery of the fabric is also quite good.

Usage of Free Cut Nylon Spandex Fabric

nylon spandex fabric for seamless underwear

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Seamless Underwear

This nylon spandex cleancut fabric is an excellent choice for seamless underwear. You can cut it directly into the shape of underwear, which makes the production cost greatly reduced.
nylon spandex fabric for sportswear

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Gym Wear

Nylon spandex fabric is a common fabric for gym wear. It has a smooth appearance, good elasticity, and high compression. Compression fabric protects our muscles from injury during exercise.
nylon spandex fabric for dancewear

Nylon Spandex Fabric for Dance Wear

Nylon spandex free-cut fabric is also a suitable fabric for dance apparel. Due to its great elasticity, it is friendly to free movement. At the same time, the nylon spandex fabric is breathable and sweat-wicking, so it is an excellent choice for clothing with a lot of exercise.

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OEKO-TEX Certificate and Test Reports

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100certificate and test reports
Our fabrics have passed the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 authoritative certification. This means that our fabrics are non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable for skin contact. Besides, we will test the functionalities of the fabrics such as moisture absorption and quick drying, antibacterial, etc. We can provide you with various fabric related test reports.

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