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  • polka dot fabric front and back
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Polka Dot Fabric Tiny White Dot Print Fabric

Item Nr: PS102
Composition: Polyester 80% Spandex 20%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 130cm
1. slightly stretchy
2. easy to shape anf fit body
3. durable polka dot print
4. good recovery
5. tightly-knitting
6. unique and stylish

Why is Polka Dot Fabric still Vogue?

Polka dot fabric is a symbol of easy fashion. No need to add other elements, just polka dot gives the fabric a new concept: easier and lighter. Let beauty not be defined, enable style to be free. Among polka dot fabric, the black and white dot is one of the classic forms. It also represents a kind of fashion trend. Make simple colors different. That’s why polka dot fabric is still popular today.

Learn More about White Polka Dot Fabric

black and white polka dot fabric stylish
polka dot fabric white polka dot against beige background

The dot is tiny, the print is regular. We use black and beige as background colors, which combine white dots naturally. Polka dots print on the surface based on tight knitting ground fabric. Bring the fabric durability, keep polka dot fabric long-lasting use.
The fabric is slightly stretchy and easy-fitting. Never deforming or wrinkling. Ideal for underwear. With characteristics of water-absorbent and quick-dry, there is no space for bacteria to grow. So our polka dot fabric protects your skin from a microbe and keeps your body clean and dry.
Of course, the fabric is breathable, keeping you feel non-sticky. This polka dot fabric is a polyester spandex interlock. As mentioned above, we did a wicking treatment to improve the fabric versatility. Give fabric more comfort, and meet customers’ demands.

What’s the End Use of Polka Dot Fabric?

Fashion is not limiting. Fabric will be more different and meaningful when incorporating fashion concepts. Here is some reference for your design. Hope to inspire you.

For Underwear

black and white polka dot fabric for briefs
The polka dot is a perfect sprinkle with solid colors. Every time you see polka dot fabrics, like the starry sky. Black and white show a striking contrast, giving you visual impact and bringing a refreshing feeling. Even a pair of panties or briefs can be stylish. Certainly, polka dot fabric is not only fashionable but also practical. It has a good stretch and recovery for body fitting. So people cannot feel too tight or too loose when wearing.

For Leggings

black and white polka dot fabric for leggings
Active, dynamic, and delightful seem to be the nature of the polka dot. They look like dancing notes. Allow you to feel more energetic. Thin of the polka, brisk and lively, make people relaxed. When wearing leggings made of polka dot fabric, you will feel cheerful and contagious to others. And the high compression fabric is better to shape legs and protects you from muscle injury when exercising. Also, tight knitting work makes the fabric not see-through, even when you stretch it strongly.

For Shapewear

polka dot fabric for shapewear
Shapewear is often in plain color. While polka dot makes it unique. Combine beauty with fashion. Not only shape perfect figure but full of design. In addition, the fabric is slightly stretchy and has good recovery. It is to say, the fabric has high modulus resilience. High modulus leads to high compression. High compression achieves a high shaping level. That’s ideal for shapewear. Also, the polka dot fabric is moisture-wicking, not stuffy, giving you continuous comfort.

For Bra

polka dot fabric for bra
You can sew your bra directly with our polka dot fabric. It can give your work a sense of positive. Let your design be more sportive. Of course, polka dot fabric brings dynamic and comfort, especially for a sports bra. Stretch fabric with good recovery provides support for the body. Without embarrassing when running, allow you to focus on what matters. Also, the sweat-wicking fabric keeps sports much comfier. Keep you cool and cozy.

What’s more, the white polka dot is one of the most common dot prints. There are different colors of dot print such as black, pink, red, multicolor… Meanwhile, there are different sizes of polka dots, tiny, small, medium, large, oversize… Different person has different aesthetics. You can customize your preferred color and size. With long-lasting printing, and tightly knitting, you will get your satisfied polka dot fabric. Just start your project with wingtex!