recycled spandex fabric

Recycled Polyester Fabric Elastane Fabric Double Brushed

Item Nr: PXE111G
Composition: Polyester 80% Elastane 20%
Weight: 250g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. Anti-UV
2. Soft and elastic
3. High color fastness
4. Moisture wicking
5. Ready to ship color card free for reference


Generally speaking, Recycled polyester fabric has advantages of  high color fastness, high elasticity and recovery, good moisture absorption, good friction resistance, anti-UV and environmental friendly.

recycled polyester fabric
recycled polyester fabric

Features of recycled polyester fabric

high color fastness

the fabric has high color fastness.
So it will not fade during washing.
Also, it will not fade after prolonged exposure.


You feel soft and comfortable.
It touches smooth and silky.
It’s skin-friendly.

recycled yarn

the fabric is recyclable and environmental-friendly.
We use recycled yarn to spin new fabric.
So we give the yarn a second life.
And we have passed GRS certification.
We promise the characteristics are similar to pure polyester and elastane.

high quality

This fabric has a fine workmanship.
Through careful spinning,
It is visible high quality.

moisture wicking

It has moisture wicking function.
We increased moisture absorption and quick drying ingredients.
So this fabric can absorb moisture and wick away sweat.
Therefore, it’s suitable for fitness sportswear.


The fabric is anti-UV.
It’s suitable for outdoor activities.
So people don’t need to worry about getting a tan.

no pilling

It’s not easy to pilling.
And it has good friction resistance.
So this fabric has a long service life.

high stretch

We use DTY yarn to spin this fabric.
So it has high elasticity.
We have passed OEKO-TEX certification.
We guarantee the ecological safety of our products.
So people feel assured of the product and can live a healthy life.

Color Card of recycled polyester fabric

color card

We have many kinds of colors for you to choose from.
If you need other colors.
Please contact us for what color you need.
We will customize the color you want.

Specification of recycled polyester fabric


Weight: 250g/m2
Usable width: 150CM/Inch
Yarn and composition: 80% Polyester 20% Elastane

Application of recycled polyester fabric


We can use this fabric to make sports underwear and leggings.
Also, yoga wear is ok.
For the fabric has high elongation and recovery,good moisture absorption.