jersey fabric

Solid Polyester Lycra 4 Ways Stretch Medium Weight Single Jersey Fabric(Grey)

Item Nr: PS454
Composition: Polyester 81% Spandex 19%
Weight: 340g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. UPF 50+ sun protection
2. soft and elastic
3. high grade color fastness
4. thick and breathable 4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Single Jersey Fabric

jersey fabric
single jersey fabric

Single jersey fabric is produced with the RL plain knitting technique. RL plain knit fabrics have plain (R) loops on one side and only reverse (L) loops on the other.The fabric surface is bright and neat, with clear fine texture, smooth hand feeling, with good extensibility in both way, good moisture absorption and breathability, it’s mostly used to make sweaters, vests, home clothes, underwear, T-Shirts, sportswear, etc.

Features of Single Jersey Fabric

1.Thick and breathable
jersey fabric

single jersey fabric

It’s fairly thick and easy to work with.It’s breathable.

2.Not see-though and high color fastness
jersey fabric

single jersey fabric

It is not transparent to dp garment with this fabric. It has high color fastness and even color.

3.Moisture wicking and good stretchability
jersey fabric

single jersey fabric

It’s stretchy and not tight.It has less tendency to wrinkle.However,if they are too stretched,their shapes may be distorted.In addition,its front and back faces are different from each other.

4.Anti-UV and soft
jersey fabric

It has anti-UV function.We have anti-UV test report.It’s soft for you to feel grest against the skin- almost feels brushed.It can be smoothed well for no wrinkles.Besides, we can cut the fabric perfectly and evenly.

Product Details


GSM (Gram / Sq meter) : 340 gsm
Usable Width(cm/inch):150CM/Inch
Material/Composition : 81% Polyester, 19% Spandex
Fabric type : Dyed
Knitting type : Weft knitting
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It’s suitable for making sportswear,leggings,shapewear,yogawear,raglan top and turban.

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