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Stretch Fabric Nylon Spandex Free Cut Interlock Fabric

Item Nr: KF1450
Composition: Nylon 67% Spandex 33%
Weight: 165g/m2
Width: 160cm
1. high stretch and recovery
2. super soft and flowy
3. smooth and naked feeling
4. sweat wicking fabric
5. UPF50+ sun protective
6. free cut fabric without curling

Stretch Fabric Display of 67 Nylon 33 Spandex Interlock

2 way stretch fabric nylon spandex interlock fabric
Here you can see the fabric stretch into a certain length and recover to the original. No matter how you stretch the fabric, it can recover to the original. This stretch spandex fabric is no deforming, no shrinking and no wrinkling for long-lasting use. Every time you are sewing garments, the high stretch fabric can give you any size available.
Nylon Spandex stretch material gives garments more close fitting and elastic feeling. You can apply this stretch fabric to various close fitting wear such as undergarments and bathing suit.

Fabric Usage

Combining with the features of the fabric, you can get many purpose. The following applications are for your reference.

nylon spandex wicking fabrics for seamless underwear

1. Free Cut Fabric for Seamless Underwear

You can apply the fabric to seamless underwear for women and men. Free cut fabric saves time in sewing garments. For example, some items of Ubra are seamless and very popular in 2022. Besides bra, the seamless brief is one of the most common application of free cut fabrics.


nylon spandex interlock fabric free cut fabric for cycling shortsnylon spandex fabric semi dull interlock for naked feel leggings

2. Stretch Fabric and Naked Feeling for Leggings

For leggings, the material need to be stretchy and compressive to reach a good shaping effect. And this fabric makes it! High modulus and busting strength of the fabric give your leggings better fitting and wearing. The smooth and nude feeling make it a preferred option for naked feel leggings. You can get Lululemon same leggings with our nude feeling fabric.
In addition, another common usage of the stretch fabric is to make cycling wear including top and shorts. With the same function of dri fit fabric, this interlock fabric is breathable and quick dry. It can give your cycling wear moisture-wicking and comfortable feeling.


stretch nylon spandex fabric dri fit fabric for activewear setsoft and flowy nylon spandex fabric for active dress

3. High Stretch Fabric and Wicking Fabric for Activewear

moisture wicking test
Comfy and cool is essential for activewear, I think. Our funcional fabric brings sports comfort and cool. We test the water absorption and found it dry faster after treatment. So this will give your activewear great sweat wicking function. You can apply the stretch and wicking fabric to sports bra, activewear set, exercise dress, jumpsuit and other activewear you manufacture.


nylon spandex fabric stretch fabric interlock fabric for dress

4. Soft and Flowy Stretch Fabric for Dress

For the soft and flowy fabric display, you can view here:soft and flowy fabric display. The flowy fabric gives your dress excellent drape. High stretch fabric gives the waist of the dress elasticity and benifits for tight dress. The fabric is soft and breathable for close wear. And the quick dry fabric makes your dress always cool in summer. For example, you can make hip slit dress out of our stretch nylon spandex.


stretch nylon spandex fabric for bodysuit

5. Common and Acceptable Shaping Level for Bodysuit

The compression level influences the comfy level of bodysuit. This stretch fabric is suitable for lower shaping level but higher comfy level bodysuit. Nylon spandex fabric is common to use on bodysuit because it’s softer and more elastic, durable and long-lasting.


nylon spandex high stretch fabric for ballet dress

6. High elogation and Recovery for Ballet Leotard

Stretch nylon spandex fabric is one of the common fabrics for ballet leotard. For ballet leotard, the fabric must be elastic and resilient. You know spandex is a kind of elastic fiber. This stretch fabric contains 33% spandex which gives itself super high stretch. What’s more, 67% nylon makes a big difference to the fabric elasticity. Therefore, you can learn about how stretchy the fabric is.


nylon spandex fabric interlock fabric anti-UV fabric for bathing suit

7. Double Interlock Anti-UV Fabric for Bathing Suit

Interlock fabric is thicker than single jersey. So this nylon spandex interlock has good effect on sun protection.
If you want to reach the purpose of anti-UV, the one is your preferred choice. If you want other purpose like tan through, here it is: tan through fabric for swimwear. For different purpose, we have different functional fabrics. That may depend on your consumers’ need I think.

Fabric Detail

soft and elastic nylon spandex interlock fabric
You can see the fabric closely and find the smooth texture and the semi-dull fabric gloss. For the color we can custom. And the MOQ is 1 yard by custom color. If you want to learn more about product info(Custom/Price&Payment /Delivery), pls feel free to contact us!