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Wingtex 100% Polyester Interlock Fabric Wholesale

Item Nr: P111
Composition: Polyester 100%
Weight: 150g/m2
Width: 165cm
1. soft and breathable
2. elastic and durable
3. moisture wicking
4. high color fastness and even color
5. ready to ship color card free for reference


This polyester interlock fabric is double knit. Honestly,it’s an ordinary fabric with many colors. As other polyester interlock,it’s soft and breathable,comfortable and elastic. And like other polyester interlock,it’s suitable for T-shirts,clothing lining,sportswear,casual wear,fashion. But different from other polyester interlock, Our 100% polyester interlock is 150g every square meter,which is heavier than others. After reading this, you may not read further, but please learn more about this ordinary fabric.
100% polyester interlock fabrics100% polyester interlock fabric

Main Features

There may be repetitions, but the image below will appeal to you.
1.soft and breathable
2.ordinary high quality material-polyester(this sentence is contradictory, but it is true)
We all know the characteristics of polyester: high strength, good light resistance, good elasticity, and good wear resistance. I’m sorry, I heard this from others.
3.delicate feel(of course, only you can know it when you touch it yourself)
4.high color fastness(After the color fastness test, it looks like grade 3-4, but we don’t know if the color will fade after a long time.)
5.Moisture wicking(To make linings, this function is still necessary)
Sorry, a bit verbose.

What Is 100% Polyester Interlock Fabric Used For?

100% polyester interlock with good fabric drapeModel Show of 100% polyester interlock fabric dresses

There is no doubt that it’s an ideal fabric for T-shirts. But it seems to make those cheap T-shirts such as company shirts, work clothes. Don’t be influenced by our beautiful main image. Another usage,the fabric is to make clothing lining. You can try to imagine what it would look like to use ta as a lining.You can also see the picture above if you can’t imagine it. That is to say, it’s good to be the dress lining or skirt lining and it drapes well. After all, no one can see if it’s good or not because it’s inside. In addition, it’s good to make sportswear and casual wear.
There are other uses besides making clothes, Forgive me for not talking about it here.

How To Care For 100% Polyester Interlock Fabric

Washing instructions:
2.Don’t bleach
3.Hang to dry
4.low heating ironing
5.dry cleanable
I don’t need to talk about fabric storage.
All of the fabrics we send to you are clean and wrinkle-free. Store them carefully after you receive them.
We have different spot colors for you to choose.
Color Card of 100% Polyester Interlock Fabricwingtex powernet fabric high compression fabric

Frequently Asked Questions For 100% Polyester Interlock Fabric

100% polyester interlock fabric purple100% polyester interlock fabrics

1.What is polyester interlock fabric?
It’s like asking what is Happy Planet (Tiktok domestic version hit last year). And answering with my superficial knowledge, interlock is weft knitting double knitting fabric. polyester interlock is made of polyester yarn through weft knitting machine. And there is only so much to say.
2.Does polyester interlock stretch?
The fabric is elastic and will not deform after stretching. It’s no exaggeration to say that no matter what size you make, it’s ok. After all, every fabric can be made in various sizes.
Regarding the price and MOQ, you can send us an inquiry, because I don’t know too much. Only know that it is an ordinary 100% polyester interlock fabric. If you read to the end, thank you very much for your patience.

This is our OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certificate,GRS Certificate and farbic test reports.


OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100certificate and test reports

This is our fabric production process.

production process

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1: What is minimum quantity?
A1: NO MOQ, any quantity we can do for you.
Q2: Do you offer free samples?
A2: Yes, Free hangers/color card and yardage sample within 1 yard available.
Q3: What is your term of payment?
A3: We can accept the payment through PayPal, T/T Etc.
Q4: Can you produce according to customers I design and color?
A4: Yes, we have own design team who can draw or dye according your requirements.
Q5: What’s the time of delivery?
A5: Basic items we can send 7-15 days.
Q6: What is your quality guarantee?
A6: 100% inspected before shipment.

    Color Card of 100% Polyester Interlock Fabric