camouflage print fabric

Wingtex Camouflage Print Fabric for Swimwear

Item Nr: NS036
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 200g/m2
Width: 152cm
1. UPF 50+ sun protection
2. soft and elastic
3. skin-friendly and close-fitting
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Camouflage Print Fabric for Swimwear

camouflage print fabric

This camouflage print fabric is elastic, close-fitting and anti-UV.

Features of Camouflage Print Fabric

Elastic 4 Way Stretch

high stretch
4 way stretch
weft stretch

It’s 4 way stretch.Both the wrap and the weft direction can stretch to 1.9 times longer than original.

And it can also recover to the original.

Skin-friendly and Close-fitting

soft and skin-friendly

It has soft handfeeling and fine texture.According to the above,we find the fabric has high elongation and recovery.

So it won’t loose,it’s skin-friendly and close-fitting.



The camouflage print fabric is a little thick. It seems that there are double layer fabric.

It looks like the back is a layer of base fabric and the front is a layer of camouflage print fabric.

This makes the fabric more durable and not see-through.

Also,double layer fabric gives itself anti-UV function.

Application of Camouflage Print Fabric

camouflage print fabric
It is specially designed for making swimwear.

Certification of Camouflage Print Fabric

certification and test report

Our fabric has passed OEKO-TEX certification. And we have specific test reports of the fabric.

We guarantee that our fabric meet the international standard.

We use international 4 point inspection system to check every meter, and we can guarantee every meter we shipped is qualified.

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