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Wingtex Hot Sales 88 Nylon 22 Spandex Beachwear Fabric

Item Nr: KF1354
Composition: Nylon 88% Spandex 12%
Weight: 133g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. breathable thin and light
2. good opening and resilience
3. high color fastness
4. swift-drying
5. rich printing styles

beachwear fabric bannerWhat is Beachwear Fabric?

Beachwear fabric is the fabric used in making beach pants. They are usually lightweight, breathable, quick-drying materials. It is perfect for wearing on the beach or near the water. Common beach clothing fabrics include polyester, nylon, and so on. Such fabrics help keep the body cool while also drying quickly to avoid the feeling of wetness. Some beachwear fabrics can also protect the skin from sun damage. Therefore, beachwear fabric is designed to make you feel pleasant on the beach or while swimming. Therefore, choosing the right fabric can make you feel cooler and more fun on the beach.KF1354 specifications

Which is the Best Fabric for Beachwear?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a fabric for your beachwear.

Breathability is very important for a pair of beach pants. It allows air to circulate and helps the body lose heat. Make you feel more cozy. On the other hand, if a beach pants fabric is not breathable. Then your feelings on the beach are undoubtedly very bad. The sweat mixes with the seawater and sticks the fabric just to your skin. How horrible! I can’t even imagine how hard it must be.

At the same time, you can’t avoid the water on the beach. Then the fast-drying of the fabric is also very important. Opting for a fabric that offers excellent quick-drying properties will enable you to swiftly dry off after leaving the water, ensuring you don’t feel damp and troubled. This way you can feel waterless and relaxed to the touch faster.

In addition, outdoor activities are generally vigorous. So you need a durable fabric. This way you can often wear your favorite beach pants to the beach. Instead of wearing it once or twice and then losing your love.

And most importantly! Good beach pants fabric must have sunscreen function. A lot of ultraviolet radiation on the human skin is very harmful! So the sun protection function of the fabric is very vital. Here comes the point!

Nylon is known for its durability, while spandex is elastic and comfortable. They are also very ventilated and dry-fit. So Wingtex is focusing on an excellent beach pants fabric that mixes nylon with spandex. beachwear fabirc with good opening and resilience beachwear fabric with high color fastness KF1354 breathable thin and light quick dry

Wingtex Beachwear Fabric

Wingtex 88 nylon 22 spandex beachwear fabric.The fabric you must wear for beach activities. Our fabric possesses all the characteristics of regular swimwear fabric and combines all the advantages into one. Such as wicking moisture, breathable comfort, elastic fit, and long-lasting. The most important thing is its UPF50+, which is very fabulous for protecting your skin from UV sunburn. At the same time, it uses unique textile technology to make it have a cool feeling and take away your heat. I like the wind in March and the rain in April. And you who came to us to order!ready to ship color