nylon spandex fabric for fajas

Wingtex Nylon Spandex Colombia Fajas Shapewear fabric

Item Nr: KF1174
Weight: 165g/m2
Width: 160cm
1. UPF 50+ sun protection
2. soft and elastic
3. high grade color fastness
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Colombia Fajas Shapewear fabric

Colombia Fajas
Colombia Fajas shapewear

Generally speaking, Colombia Fajas has good body shaping effect. Besides, it’s light and breathable. As a result, it helps you shape perfect body curve and makes you look slim. Moreover, we made the shapewear fabric according to Colombia Fajas.

Features of Colombia Fajas Shapewear fabric

Light and Breathable

lIght and breathable

First, this Colombia Fajas shapewear fabric is light and thin. And we can see it has superfine texture. In addtion, it’s breathable. When we stretch it,there are some vent holes.

Body Shaping

good body shaping effect
Colombia Fajas

Second, we made this fabric according to Colombia Fajas standard to make sure it has obvious body shaping effect. Furthermore, the shapewear made of this Colombia Fajas fabrc can easily shape your body curve and make you look slim.

Soft and Smooth

soft and comfortable
soft and skin-friendly

Third, this shapewear fabric feels soft and comfortable. Therefore, it’s skin-friendly and suitable for close-fitting wear. What’s more, not only the front side but also the back side is quite smooth so that it gives us better handfeeling.

Colomba Fajas fabric
Colombia Fajas fabric

Besides, the fabric also has high stretch and good bursting strength. So you don’t have to worry about it being deformed. Also, it’s suitable for any figure.

Color Card of This Colombia Fajas Shapewear fabric

color card
This is our main color card. If you have color requirement, please tell us. We can customize the color you need.
In addition, if you could not find any similar items you want, you may send some photos or details to us, because our catalogue and website may haven’t included all of our products.

Certification of Colombia Fajas Shapewear fabric

OEKO-TEX certification
test report

More importantly, our fabrics have passed OEKO-TEX certification. And there are specific test reports of the fabric. So we guarantee that our fabrics meet the international standard.
Meanwhile, we use International 4 Point Inspection System to check every meter. Therefore, we can guarantee every meter we shipped is qualified.

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