Wingtex Nylon Spandex Stretch Powernet Fabric for Sexy Lingerie

Item Nr: NS088
Composition: Nylon 83% Spandex 17%
Weight: 70g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. light and thin
2. smooth and silky
3. breathable
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Nylon Spandex Powernet Fabric for Lingerie

soft and comfortable
This kind powernet fabric for lingerie is light and thin, smooth and silky, soft and comfortable, transparent and breathable.

Feature of This Powernet Fabric for Lingerie

light and Thin

light and thin powenet fabric for lingerie
The fabric is lightweight and flowy. This makes the fabric elegant and attractive.

Smooth and Silky

smooth and silky
It touches like silk. It has quite smooth and silky handfeeling. When the fabric gently slips on the back of your hand, it’s like the gentle breeze blowing across your cheeks. What a fantastic experience!

Soft and Comfortable

soft and comfortable
soft and comfotable powernet fabric
When we put the fabric in the palm of your hand or pinch it by hand, you can feel very soft and comfortable. So it’s skin-friendly to wear.

Breathable and Transparent

powernet fabric for lingerie
Powernet fabric itself has a typical characteristic of breathablity. It’s transparent which makes it look sexy and dreamy. How incredible!

Certification of This Powernet Fabric for Lingerie

OEKO-TEX certification

Application of Powernet Fabric for Lingerie

powernet fabric applications
It’s suitable for making sexy lingerie, swimwear and underwear.

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