· The concepts of the Mesh Fabric
In fact, the concept of mesh fabric is more general, as long as there is mesh fabric can be considered mesh. According to the knitting form can be divided into woven and knitting these two kinds, this article we mainly say the knitting. Knitting, that is warp knitted mesh cloth and weft knitted mesh cloth. Warp knitted mesh cloth is usually produced by West Germany high-speed warp knitting machine, raw materials are nylon, polyester, spandex, etc.

· The categories of the Mesh Fabric
The mesh fabric mainly divided into two categories: elastic and non-elastic. Elastic mesh and concave elasticity and mesh density are different, high elastic mesh cloth is heavy underwear, corsets and pants commonly used materials. This material is strong elasticity, large mesh, usually in two or three layers of overlapping use, in order to increase the strength of orthopedic. Mesh fabric also has a lot of decorative craft varieties, such as printing mesh fabric, jacquard mesh fabric and so on.

Sportswear Fabric

· The features of the Mesh Fabric
1. Breathable and moderate adjustment ability. Compared to other fabrics, mesh fabric breathes better and lasts longer in the outdoors.
2. It has a unique elastic function. The mesh structure of mesh cloth has been finalized at high temperature in the production engineering. When it is subjected to external force, it can extend in the direction of the force. When the pulling force is reduced and withdrawn, the mesh can return to its original shape. Mesh cloth is made from tens of thousands of synthetic polymer yarns, refined from petroleum. Warp knitted by knitting method, it is not only strong, can withstand high strength tension and tear.
3. Mesh cloth can be cleaned and does not fade. Can be washed by hand and machine. It’s bright and soft, and does not fade.