Supplex is a fiber specially developed by DuPont DuPont that combines the softness and smooth touch of cotton products with the high strength and durability of nylon.
The refined composite filament makes Supplex flexible, lightweight and 26% softer than standard nylon. Unlike Mian Mian, it does not wrinkle, does not shrink, and does not fade.
Clothes made of Supplex look more new, so your coats, swimsuits, jackets and trousers will stay prototype after exposure to the sun, rain, washing and drying, and the colors will still be bright and full of life.
Supplex is not only scratch-resistant and tear-resistant, but also odor-proof, windproof and quick-drying.

82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Combined with Leica elastic fiber, Supplex brings soft comfort, fit and thoughtfulness, as well as the freedom and super comfort that only Leica has. Together with Leica, it can pull up to 500% of the original, and then shrink and bounce back.

3d Spacer Mesh Fabric