There is a difference between eco friendly dyes and non-eco friendly dyes. The fabrics exported to Europe, America and other countries must be dyed with eco friendly dyeing.

Why Use Eco Friendly Dyes?

First of all, customers emphasize eco friendly dyeing. Fabrics without eco friendly standards are not allowed to be exported to these countries. Moreover, the color of eco friendly dyes are high, and general dyes do not meet this color standard, and the price of eco friendly dyes are much higher than that of general dyes.
eco friendly dyes natural dyes from plants
Natural dyes are one of the eco friendly dyes, which are generally extracted from plants.In addition, eco friendly reactive dyes can also be used in the dyeing process.Eco friendly reactive dyes have active ingredients and is not easy to fade.
Eco friendly dyeing conforms to the relevant regulations of environmental protection and can be used in the production process.

Standards of Environmentally Friendly Dyes

1. Eco friendly dyes do not contain or produce harmful aromatic amines
2. The dye itself has no carcinogenicity, allergenicity and acute toxicity
3. After use, formaldehyde and extractable heavy metals are below the limit
4. Eco friendly dyes do not contain environmental hormones and persistent organic pollutants
5. Eco friendly dyes will not produce harmful chemicals that pollute the environment
6. The color fastness and performance of eco friendly dyes are better than normal dyes.
7. Eco friendly dyeing complies with relevant environmental protection regulations and can be used in the production process.

The Main Indicators To Distinguish Eco Friendly Dyes and Normal Dyes

1.Whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. General dyes contain formaldehyde, Eco friendly dyes formaldehyde content is in a certain range, the harm to the human body is very small or basically no, and normal dyes formaldehyde content is mostly excessive, so it is harmful to the human body, especially children.
2.Whether it contains AZO. Eco friendly dyes are absolutely free of azo, but normal dyes have this thing. This substance is a serious carcinogen. If it is exported to Europe, America and other countries, it must not contain azo!
3.Of course, there are other indicators to distinguish whether the dye is eco friendly, but they are not that important, and normal dyes can also pass.

By Alice Su