Do you sometimes feel itchy or get redness on your skin? Do you feel too itchy to sleep? Are you getting into trouble with sensitive skin? If yes, the following will be helpful for you. If not, you can consider the following as a precaution. To take care of your skin, Here is a solution for you. That is antibacterial yarn.

What’s the Principle of Antibacterial Yarn?

antibacterial yarn principle capillary shape
As a fabric manufacturer, wingtex always thinks comfort is a key point. We launched antibacterial yarn as our fabric raw material to protect sensitive skin or baby skin. Different from ordinary yarn, the structure of antibacterial yarn is like a capillary. There are multi grooves that allow sweat to pass through and evaporate quickly. Thus improving the performance of moisture-wicking and air permeability. And keep your skin clean and dry all the time. Meanwhile to prevent bacterial growth and sweat odors.

What’s the Fiber and Usage of Antibacterial Yarn?

antibacterial yarn polyester spandex fabric
The composition of anti-bacterial yarn is polyester. Through modification, the yarn can be moisture absorbent. Combining with the advantages of polyester, antibacterial yarn is durable, stretchy, and abrasive. Usually, to get good recovery, antibacterial yarn is blending with spandex. This also benefits long-lasting use. Based on good stretch and quick-drying, antibacterial yarn is common to make fabrics for underwear, sportswear, and medical supplies. No matter any age, the antibacterial fabric gives you better skincare. You might see polyester spandex antibacterial fabric as well.

What Other Common Antibacterial Fibers?

antibacterial silver ions
Besides modified polyester yarn, there are other modified fibers for antibacterial yarn. The common ones are copper ions and silver ions. Both are not only with the premium performance of antibacterial but also with characteristics of non-toxic,non-irritating, and long-lasting protection. Thus take care of body health and give consumer confidence. Normally, blending with 2% silver ion fiber can reach AAA antibacterial level, which inhibits bacterial growth at the rate of 99.9%.

It is also worth noting that antibacterial yarn is washable without fading or color changing. It can protect your skin effectively for a long. Keep sensitive skin no more sensitive. It is believed skin needs to be cared for. The more you take care of your skin, the more you keep comfort. If possible, get your skincare with Wingtex antibacterial fabric~ You will get more than fabric!