As we all know,the front of the satin fabric
is very smooth and shiny. The yarn is blended with each other in the shape of a cross. There are different types of yarns to spin the satin fabric like polyester,cotton,nylon etc. The yarn is 75*100D,75*150D etc. Satin fabric is suitable for making different kinds of women’s wear,nightwear or underwear.

Main Features

stretch satin fabric
1.It has shiny surface and good fabric drape
2.It also has Soft and sliky handfeeling
3.Satin fabric has wide usage such as making casual pants,sports suit and bedding article
4.The garments made of satin fabric is comfortable and popular among customers.

Raw Material And Process Of Satin Fabric

Stretch satin fabric blended with 50D*DTY75D polyester great light FDY and 40D Spandex. We use jet loom to spin with satin weave.For the warp yarn is polyester great light FDY,the satin fabric surface is special and charmy.
And it has advantages of light and thin,soft and comfortable,elastic and shiny. Therefore, satin fabrics occupy a place in the recent fabric market. The polyester DTY is also the raw material. The fabric structure is satin plain weave texture. The yarn is interweaving on the air jet loom. The gray fabric is through desizing,preshrinkking,softening. By the way, the fabric is shiny but not very breathable and moisture wicking.

Specification of Satin Fabric

polyester spandex stretch satin

1.Material/Composition:90% Polyester 10% Spandex;Knitting type:Warp knitting;Fabric type:Dyed,Plain,Print;GSM (Gram/Sq meter):250gsm;Usable Width(cm/inch):150CM/INCH
2.Material/Composition:95% Polyester 5% Spandex;Knitting type:Warp knitting;Fabric type:Dyed,Plain,Print;GSM (Gram/Sq meter):180gsm;Usable Width(cm/inch):150CM/INCH

3.Material/Composition:92% Nylon 8% Spandex;Knitting type:Warp knitting;Fabric type:Dyed,Plain,Print;GSM (Gram/Sq meter):120gsm;Usable Width(cm/inch):152CM/INCH
4.Material/Composition:95% Nylon 5% Spandex;Knitting type:Warp knitting;Fabric type:Dyed,Plain,Print;GSM (Gram/Sq meter):220gsm;Usable Width(cm/inch):160CM/INCH

Usage Of Satin Fabric

We know satin fabric is very suitable for making dresses,lingerie and nightwear. It gives the garments noble and high character. The satin dresses include evening wear,night dress,tight skirt,buttocks skirt. The satin nightwear include sling nightdown pajamas,pajamas set. And the satin lingerie include bra,panties,sling underwear.
Let’s see some garments made of satin!
satin lingerie and satin nightwear
satin dress