What’s the Advantages of Brushed Fabric?

Brushed fabric is soft and warm,skin friendly and elastic,especially keeps you warm. So you don’t need to wear too thick in winter. Brushed Fabric can keep you warm and slim without looking bloated.
And how to keep our legs slim and warm? Maybe wearing winter leggings made of brused fabric is a good choice.
Here are some new types of our brushed fabric. They have both common characteristics and differences.

Super Soft and Super Skin-friendly One Side Brushed Fabric

Soft and Warm Brushed Fabric
Warm Brushed Fabric

PS450G is a kind of polyester and spandex one side brushed fabric. It is very soft and comfortable, smooth and warm. It’s skin friendly and breathable,abrasion resistant and no pilling. Also,it’s 4 way stretch and has high color fastness. And it’s light weight and has good handfeeling.
I would say it is the best fabric for making winter leggings!

Thick and Solid Double Brushed Fabric

Double Brushed Fabric

NS110G is a kind of nylon and spandex double brushed fabric. It’s thick and warm, fluffy and 4 way stretch. Besides, it’s solid and durable so it’s not easy to deform. Meanwhile, it also has high bursting strength.
Compared with PS450G, it’s more thicker and solid.

Thick and Smooth Winter Leggings Fabric

Double Brushed Fabric

PXE111G is a kind of recycled polyester spandex double brushed fabric.It’s also thick and warm. And it’s medium weight. In addition, it’s 4 way stretch and has high elongation and recovery. More importantly, it’s not pilling so it’s durable for wearing.
Compared with NS110G, it’s more thicker and smooth.

Smooth and Anti Pilling Winter leggings Fabric

Imitation Brushed Fabric

NS107 is a kind of nylon spandex imitation brushed fabric. It’s superfine and super soft. Also,it’s very smooth and has good fabric drape. Besides, it’s super elastic so you don’t feel tight when wearing it. It’s also anti pilling.
Compared with PXE111G, it’s more smooth and anti pilling.
Above all, we highly recommend PS450G as winter leggings fabric. If I were you, I will also choose this fabric. Because it’s has the best handfeeling of the four. How super soft and super skin-friendly! What a wonderful fabric! You deserve to have!

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