brushed fabric

Introduction:What is Brushed Fabric?

Generally, it is clear that the brushed fabric has a layer of short fluff on the surface through friction. This changes the feeling and appearance of the fabric. Specially, brushed fabric gives you warm and comfortable feeling. And it is very suitable for making autumn and winter clothes.

sanding machine

Sanding Process

Professionally speaking,sanding is a post-treatment process. It is the friction of the fabric through the sanding machine and the emery skin. This makes the surface of the fabric form a layer with a short nap layer.
The whole process is: Padding the raising agent–Drying and stenting–Sanding and finishing on a sanding machine.

sanding process
In other words, the sanding process is rubbing on the fabric surface with a roller covered with abrasive paper. The choice of abrasive paper is according to the fabric. Next,the fabric has tension when abrasive paper moves with high-speed sanding machine. Gradually, the fabric surface has fluff like peach peel after friction with abrasive paper. Therefore,this process changes the structural properties of the surface of the fabric. It gives you fluffy touch like touching the skin of peach.

double brushed fabric

Features of Brushed Fabric

The brushed fabric is not only softer, but also has better warmth retention performance. It is better than non-brushed fabrics in terms of feel, comfort and texture. And it is especially suitable for using in winter.

What’s the Difference between Brushed Fabric and Fleece?

warm brushed fabric
Raising machine is a kind of equipment to form fleece. Use a steel needle roller to pull out the microfibers in the fabric yarn. The specific products include flannel and silver hydroxy fabrics. This raising process is also called “fluffing”.
Compared with the fleece, the brushed fabric fluff is short and dense. And the fluff feeling very fine. Furthermore, the specific products of brushed fabric include brushed yarn cards, brushed poplin, peach skin,etc. Some brushed products don’t look obvious, but they feel fluffy to the touch.